mashhuur adj.:  well known, celebrated, famous
vaastav adj., m.:  real, genuine; reality
shaan f.:  glory
jiite raho a blessing: lit., may you continue living
kambakht adj., m.:  unfortunate, wretched; a wretch 
kabhii kabhaar adv.:  from time to time
churaana v.t.:  to steal, to captivate (the heart)
garbar adj.:  missing, wrong, incomplete
kaisar m.,f..:  emperor / empress
mausuum adj.:  named, called
x ke bagair without x
para.mpara f.:  tradition
suuna adj.: empty, desolate, deserted
dhamna v.i.: to sigh, be sad
talaash karna v.t.: to search
x kii vajah se on account of X; because of X
iraada m.: intention
mangeta m.: fiance
maar Dalna v.t.:  to murder
qismat f.: fate
himmat f.:  courage
maamla m.: matter, affair, concern
paalna v.t.:  to foster, rear, bring up
aulaad m., f.: child
fa.nsna v.i.:  to be caught, snared
madad f.: help
saabit karna v.t.: to prove, substantiate
giraana m.:  to cause to fall
ehasaan m.: obligation
bardaasht f.:  endurance, bearing, tolerating
tijorii f.: safe, vault, safe deposit box
daamaad m.:  son-in-law
nasiib m.:  fortune (often used in plural form, nasiibe)
chakkar aa jaana v.i.: to grow dizzy
kabuul karna v.t.: to accept
jhaa.nkna v.t.:  to peer, peep, spy
x ke khilaaf ppn.: against, contrary, in opposition to x
lagan  f.: desire, longing
fursat f.: leisure, free time, opportunity, respite
guDiya f.: doll
nakalii adj.:  imitated, counterfeit, spurious
auqaat f.: life, times, condition, state
hak m.: right, entitlement
zaliil karna v.t.: to humiliate, insult
shaamil adj.:  included (in, me.n)
ichchha f.:  desire, wish

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