sautelii maa stepmother
buaa aunt
eklauta adj.: only, single (a child)
alag in this context, different, as in "toda / toRa alag hai" - he's a little different / weird
anaath adj.: orphaned, n.: orphan
rim-jhim adv. and f.: pitter-patter (as rain) "aapko kaafii sapaltaa milii hogii"
khaasa good; fine; pleasing / very, particularly
shernii f.: tigress
jiite raho a traditional blessing, literally "May you keep living"
aditi the name of the Goddess
sabse pyaara yar hai my dearest friend
khabardaar adj. and interj.: watchful, careful; be careful!
jaane merii balaa se damned if I know!
ustaad boss, (literally) teacher
jaaydaad f.: estate, property
taariif f.: praise, as in "bahut jhuuthi taarif karte ho" -You praise falsely a great deal
maafik adj.: agreeing, suitable, similar, as in "ek dam hero maafik" -just like a hero
mazaak m.: joke, humor, as in "bahut ho gaya mazaak" - that's enough fooling around
siidhe ho, saadhe ho You're simple / ingenuous / innocent / good-hearted
faayda m.: point, use, purpose
mol m.: price, value, worth. Also "anmol" - priceless
baraabar equal
baksheesh tip
aksar adv.: often, usually
sudhaarna v.t.: to improve, correct, reform
kaan pakaRna (ya pakadna) to hold one's ears (in contrition), to confess inferiority
bhiigna v.i.: to be soaked / drenched / wet
kamii f.: deficiency, shortage, deficit, lack
muqaabala m.: confrontation, challenge
beimaanii karna to cheat
kushtii laRna (ya ladna) to wrestle
X ke hetu for the sake of X
shart f.: condition, provision, terms, as in "Is shaadi ke pehle / pahale meri kuch sharte.n hain." - Before this wedding, I have some conditions (for you).
saa.nch me.n DHalna to cast in a mould / form / shape, as in "Tum khud ko hamaarii saa.nche.n me.n DHologe." - You'll mold yourself after our fashion.
kadam m.: step
TukaRa (ya Tukada) m.: piece
bhiikh f.: alms
sharminda embarrassed, abashed, ashamed, as in "sharminda karna" - to put to shame, to embarrass
Tumne merii baat kii izzat rakh lii You honored my wishes / request
krodh m.: anger, rage, as in "X par krodh karna" - to be angry with X
milvaana to introduce, as in "Main tumhein sabse milvaatii huu.n." - I'll introduce you to all of them.
asliyat f.: reality; also "aslii" - real, original
X ke qaabil capable of X
khilauna m.: a plaything, a toy, a trifle
X kii himmat karna to dare to do X; also, himmat (f.): courage or resolve
lafz m.: a word
anpaRH illiterate
ga.nwaar yokel, hick
maamuulii ordinary
makkaar adj. and m.: deceitful, crafty; cheater, hypocrite
tumhaari itnii himmat! You would dare! (or, with much poetic license:) How dare you!
Mujhe ahsaas (ya ahasaas) ho raha hai ki... I'm realizing that...
kisii haal me.n bhii under no circumstances, under no condition
safar karna to travel
naazuk delicate
X par shak karna to suspect X
talaaq f.: divorce
samaaj m.: society
aTuuT unbreakable
shraap (ya shaap) m.: curse
Yaad hai aapko? Do you remember?
aulaad f.: child, offspring, descendant
X par etbaar rakhna (ya karna) to have confidence in / rely upon X (to lose confidence, "etbaar khona")
doSH m.: fault, as in "kisii ka koii dosh nahii.n" - it's no one's fault
kamzor weak
bevphaaii fem. adj.: faithless, treacherous (m. adj.: bevpha)
mera vishvaas karo believe me (literally: believe my truth)

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