pai.ntiis thirty-five
god f.: lap
imaarat f.: building
len-den m.: give and take
X ke li'e tarasna v.i.: to long for X (or to long to X, when X is infinitive)
dhuul f.: dust
khet m.: field
dupaTTa m.: scarf (worn with salwar kameez)
X kii khaatir karna v.t.: to show respect/esteem for X
pahalvaan m.: wrestler, athlete
nanad m.: sister-in-law
davaa f: medicine
lagii shart? Is it a bet?
vichaar m: thought, reflection
vilaayatii m.: foreigner
puuchh-paachh f.: discussion, inquiry, consultation
khaRa.nk adj.: dried-up, withered; connotatively, stern or strict
saaf-suthara adj.: upright, unblemished (as of character)
nasal f.: offspring, descendants
X kii raksha karna v.t.: to protect X
shikaayat f.: complaint, regret
aham adj.: important
vaayda m.: promise
mera aapse vaayda hai I promise you.
behosh adj.: unconscious
kaaTna v.t.: to bite (as an animal)
akkhaR adj.: haughty, boorish
niyam m.: custom
sabhyataa f.: civilized state; etiquette
ba.ndhan m.: rule, custom, observance
ravaanii f.: flow, fluidity
etaraaz m.: objection
ghuur-ghuurke dekhna v.t.: to glare
prayatn m.: effort
prayatn karna v.t.: to try
aTuuT adj.: unbreakable
aib m.: vice
mashviraa m.: advice
fira.ngii m.: foreigner (literally, European)
muqaabala m.: confrontation, challenge; competition
var m.: husband
kabaDDii f.: A game in which each player takes a turn, shouting "kabaddi" over and over as he tries to touch as many members of the opposite team as possible and then return to his own team's side before running out of breath.
yaanii conj.: that is; meaning; in other words
chipakna v.t.: to stick to, to jam, to cling, to get cozy with
gobar m.: cow dung
X ko tiraskaar karna v.t.: to disdain, scorn, or disrespect X
pariiksha f.: test, trial, examination
gum karna v.t.: to lose
maan-maryaada f.: prestige, honor, dignity
zaahir adj.: obvious, apparent (pronounced in movie as 'jaahir')
X ko khaaraab lagna v.t.: for X to take it badly; for X to be offended
dakhal karna v.t.: to meddle or interfere (used in movie as 'dakhalna')
parvaah f.: care, concern
X kii parvaah karna v.t.: to care about X
naram adj.: soft
pashchimii adj.: Western m.: relationship
chhoTa adj.: contemptible (also just 'small')
makkaar adj.: hypocritical
samaaj m.: society, association
anpaRH adj.: illiterate, uneducated
ga.nvaar m.: villager, yokel
baas m.: stench
nashiila adj.: intoxicated, drugged, drug-ridden
gaayab adj.: missing, vanished
arthii f.: (funeral) bier
pavitra m.: purifying agent
anarth m.: misfortune, calamity
beqasuur / bequsuur adj.: innocent, blameless
raay f.: opinion
sipaahii f.: messenger, minion
kaleja m.: courage, heart
X ka ifaazat karna v.t.: to protect X
haasil karna v.t.: to obtain
amaanat f.: guardianship, trust, charge


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