dhuum machaana v.t.: to create an uproar
naapaak adj.: impure, unclean, defiled
fariyaad f.: complaint, cry for help, appeal
dozakh m.: hell
besaraa adj.: having no place of rest or shelter
qabrastaan m.: graveyard
khat m.: letter
manaa karna v.t.: to forbid
khule aam adv.: openly, for all to see
maila adj.: dirty
tamaam adj.: complete, finished
arz m.: request
jaziira m.: island
havaas m.: the senses
sadqa m.: offering (to prevent misfortune)
Tekedaar m.: supporter, "keeper" of courtesan
ghuumna v.i.: to wander
viiraanii f.: desolation, ruin
tabiir f.: interpretation (esp. of dreams)
hairaan adj.: surprised
majnuu.n (pron. here "maznuun") adj.: crazy, addled, possessed (by a jinn)
i.ntazaam karna v.t.: to arrange
gumnaam adj.: nameless, anonymous
ittafaaqan adv.: by chance, unexpectedly
panaah f.: protection, shelter
parvaah f. care, concern
mujhe iskii parvaah nahii.n I don't care about this.
bahas f.: argument (to argue, v.t.: bahas karna)
gunaah m.: sin, fault
badnaamii f.: disgrace, dishonor, notoriety
talluq m.: concern, connection
ijaazat f.: permission
hathelii f.: palm
ruuh f.: soul, spirit
hasrat f.: longing, desire
nikaah m.: marriage
laash f.: corpse
aavaaraa adj.: vagrant, vagabond
maqbara m.: tomb
dafan hona v.i.: to be buried
besabr adj.: impatient
X se bezaar ho jaana v.i.: to get bored with X
mujara m.: musical performance by dancing girl
farmaa'ish f.: request
mash(a)huur adj.: well-known, celebrated, famous, notorious
ilzaam m.: accusation
sa.mbhaalna v.t.: to see to (a matter)

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