x se dostii karna v.t.: to form a friendship with x
chiTTHii f.: letter
janm-din m.: birthday
vaada karna v.t.: to promise
naam rakhna v.t.: to name
thappaD maarna v.t.: to slap, strike
sataana v.t.: to annoy, torment
bhakti f.: religious faith, piety
shraddha f.: religious faith
ba.ndhan m.: bond, connection 
joDna v.t.: to join, connect
a.nt me.n at last, finally, in conclusion
kaTora m.: bowl
x kii puuja karna v.t.: to worship x
raksha karna v.t.: to protect, defend
x ko ahasaas dilaana v.t.: to get x to realize 
dukh m.: sorrow, grief
paDosii m.: neighbor
rishta karna v.t.: to form an alliance (in this context, to marry)
sushiil adj.: of good character or disposition
inakaar karna v.t.: to refuse
adhuura adj.: incomplete
bahuu f.: daughter-in-law
buraaii f.: slander
shaadii karna v.t.: to marry
baar baar adv.: repeatedly
aadat f.: habit
fayda m.: purpose, point, profit, gain
chillaana v.t.: to scream, whine
muu.nchh f.: moustache (and if anyone knows why it's feminine, let us know!) 
vaise bhii anyway
jhukana v.i.: to bend down, bow
baa.nh f.: arm
tum jo bhii ho whoever you are
buddhuu m.: dunce
chamcha m.: yes-man, crony
bachpan m.: childhood
khuusaT adj, m.: worthless; a shriveled-up old person
ajiib adj.: strange
ghuur m.: stare, glare
sa.nskaar m.: roots, culture
amar adj.: eternal, immortal
izzat f.: honor, good name
nar m.: man
kasam f.: oath
Durga-Ma the goddess Durga
naukar m.: servant
Torch m.: flashlight (yes, 'torch' as in the English word)
gahara adj.: deep, profound, intimate
tabiiyat f.: health
khamoshii f.: silence
khat m.: letter
sajana  v.i.: to be adorned, to dress up, to look attractive
sagaaii f.: engagement ceremony
taariikh f.: date (in time)
pata m.: address, whereabouts
janmapatrii f.: horoscope
ma.ngal adj.: auspicious
prabhaav m.: influence, effect
rahamat f.: divine mercy
duaa f.: prayer 
samajhauta m.: compromise
bal-buuta m.: strength, power; support
bhajan m.: worship; devotional song
kasarat f.: exercise
zabardastii karna v.t.: to use force, to compel
aazamaaish karna v.t.: to test
jhaNDa m.: flag
taarak m.: star (celestial)
ginna v.t.: to count
sehat f.: health
gaayab adj.: vanished, disappeared, missing, absent
taqadiir f.: fate
TaTTuu m.: pony

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