paRHaaii f.: academic studies 
badtamiizii f.: impertinence, incivility
bahas karna v.t.: to argue
iraada badalna v.t.: to change one's mind or intentions
aashiirvaad m.: blessings
pahachaana v.t.: to recognize, identify
sadma m.: shock, blow
suul f.: a sharp pain
achaanak adv.: suddenly
zabardastii adv.: forcefully 
taqaliif f.: trouble, inconvenience
qalam f., m. (Urdu or Hindi): pen
jhalak f.: glimpse
chaaluu adj.: cunning, fast (as in loose) 
galat samajhana to misunderstand
pha.nsna v.i.: to be snared, trapped 
cheDna v.t.: to harass, tease, molest
bura maana v.t.: to take amiss, to be angered (at)
shauk m.: predilection, taste, fancy, desire, yearning
lafaDa m.: something tiresome or bothersome
dastak f.: knock 
ha.ngaama karna v.t.: to create a commotion, to make a scene
ja.ngalii adj.: wild, uncouth, savage
jaanvar m.: animal
shaitaan m.: devil, evil person
jalan  f.: burning, itching
muu.nchh f.: moustache
vasuul adj.: acquired, collected
chillaana v.t.: to scream, shout, whine
naaz m.: flirtatious behavior, airs, elegance, grace 
raksha karna v.t.: to protect, defend
pharii f.: fairy
ghuur  m.: stare, glare
bhuut m.: ghost
gaayab adj.: missing, vanished
khuun karna v.t.: to murder
x ka apmaan karna v.t.: to insult
taaqat f.: strength, ability, power
izahaar m.: disclosure, display, declaration
x ke baavjuud ppn: in spite of x
sataana v.t.: to annoy, torment
saza f.: punishment, retribution
badal lena v.t.: to take revenge
dhokhebaaz adj., m.: deceitful, fradulent; an imposter, a deceitful person
aafat f.: disaster, misery, trouble
ilazaam m.: accusation
Darapok adj., m.: cowardly, timid; coward
anjaane adv.: unknowingly
roshanii f.: light
khat m.: letter
x ko dhoka dena v.t.: to deceive x
khat m.: letter
maamala  m.: matter, issue
golii chalaana v.t.: to shoot (someone)
x ka samna karna v.t.: to confront or oppose x
ummiid f.: hope, trust
x se raazii hona v.i.: to be pleased with or approve of x
daga dena v.t.: to cheat; to act deceitfully or treacherously
qila m.: fort
pahaaD m.: hill
bahaadur adj.: brave
chuuma m.: a kiss 
patthar m.: stone
biij m.: seed
laayak adj.: worthy
titalii f.: butterfly
jitna...utna.. as  
u.ngalii f.: finger
bardaasht karna v.t.: to tolerate, to bear
sahana v.i.: to tolerate, suffer, endure
laaD f.: affection
nishaanii f.: mark, sign, evidence
chiirna v.t.: to tear, cut, saw
chhipaana v.t.: to cause to be hidden; to hide or conceal
lahuu m.: blood 
buu.nd f.: speck, iota
Tapakna v.i.: to drop, leak, dribble, fall
zabaan f.: promise (figurative; literal: 'tongue')
juda adj.: separated
jho.mpaDa m.: hut
itihaas m.: history
x par majbuur karna v.t.: to compel to (do) x
maayuus adj.: despondent
gunaah m.: sin 
jaan-bujhkar adv.: on purpose
dagalii f.: deceit
qiimat f.: value, worth, cost
jaayaz adj.: proper 
qurabaan karna v.t.: to sacrifice
sahamat adj.: agreeing, in agreement 
barobar adj.: equal (as a score); even, quits (as rivals)
anaathaashram m.: orphanage, shelter for the destitute
praarthna karna v.t.: to pray
doSH m.: fault, blame
ijaazat f.: permission, leave to depart 
lafz m.: word
phuuTna v.i.: to crack, break, burst out
ba.ndhan m.: tie, restriction

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