maalik m., employer
abhii tak adv.: still
tiir m.: an arrow
chaahanewaala m.: lover
savaa one-half, as in "savaa che miniT" - six and a half minutes
X ke alaava except for X, save X
shauk m.: taste (for, ka), fancy, eagerness, pleasure
kabza m.: grasp, possession, as in "hamaare kabze me.n hai.n" - it's in our control / grasp
phiika adj.: faded, pale, wan, dull, uninteresting, valueless
jaan-boojhkar adv.: purposefully, on purpose
a.ndaaz m.: manner, style
aashirvaad m.: blessing
pesha m.: profession, trade
baazigar m.: juggler
jiitna v.t.: to win (also v.i., in the sense of "to be won" or "to be successful")
haarna v.i.: to be defeated (also v.t., in the sense of "to lose (a match, battle, etc.)"
muqaabala m.: competition
mazaak m.: joke, humor
umar f.: age
taariif karna v.t.: to praise
naariyal m.: coconut (also coconut tree)
chilaana v.t.: to drive
rokna v.t.: to block (a road)
malaaii f.: cream
X par ishaara karna v.t.: to point / signal at X
kesar m.: saffron
haldii f.: turmeric
baalTii f.: a bucket
amrit m.: ambrosia, pleasant drink; adj., immortal
haisiyat f.: means, resources, status
ma.nzil f.: halting-place, stage (of journey), destination, goal
khud-kushii f.: suicide
X ko manzuur hai for X to be agreeable, in agreement, willing
a.njaam m.: conclusion, end, completion
hosho.n havaas me.n in full consciousness (hosh: m., consciousness / wits; havaas: m., the senses, consciousness
dabaav m.: compulsion, pressure aana v.i.: to be tired, fed up (with, se), distressed, in difficulty
doSH m.: fault, blame
baraat f.: marriage procession (also baraatii, m., member of marriage procession
tofa present, gift
bula.ndii f.: height, loftiness
X ko chakkar aana for X to grow dizzy
kadam m.: the foot
bandhan m.: tie (of affection or duty)
aazaad free, as in "X ki aazaad karna" - to free X
aatmahatya f.: suicide
shak m.: suspicion
mangalsuutr m.: string / necklace tied around a bride's neck by the groom, to be worn as long as he lives
khuun karna v.t.: to murder
mu.nh dikhana v.t.: to show one's face (to, ko),to appear in public with self-assurance
khaalikh m.: disgrace, shame
ek roz baad one day later
golii maarna v.t.: to shoot (with a goli, or bullet)
zahar m.: poison
oo.nchaaii f.: heights
qaatil m.: murderous
sabuut m.: proof
maqsad m.: purpose, aim, goal, intention
barbaadi f.: destruction
haasil karna v.t.: to acquire, obtain, gain
mulaaqaat f.: meeting
zaruurii adj.: urgent
chela m.: disciple
majbuur karna v.t.: to compell (to: par, ke li'e)
zimmedaarii f.: responsibility, obligation, trust, charge, keeping
ehasaan-faraamosh adj.: ungrateful, forgetful of favors (fem., ehasaan-faraamoshii)
daulat f.: wealth, prosperity
himmat karna v.t.: to dare
X se Dar lagna v.t.: to fear X
chah gaya overwhelmed
sagaaii f.: engaged
khaandaan m.: family
istemaal karna v.t.: to use
gaayab (dotted g = gh sound) adj.: disappeared, missing, vanished
kambakht adj. & m.: unfortunate, wretched, a wretch, scoundrel
gair m.: stranger, outsider, non-related person
taqdiir f.: fate, destiny
ghaTna f.: incident, event
laash f.: corpse
buraaii f.: evil, wickedness
jalan f.: envy
janoon m.: obsession
ittafaak m.: coincidence
sadma m.: shock
mangetar m., f.: fiance, fiancee
sailaab m.: flood
fareb m.: deceit, fraud, guile
naaTak m.: a drama, acting
X ko sahaara dena v.t.: to support X
beksuur adj.: innocent
musiibat f.: misfortune, disaster, adversity, trouble

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