1. Dream sequence: Puja Sinha (Kirti Reddy) wins best director award at the Bollywood Awards.  She wakes up to discover that she's late for work again.  Maggie, her partner at the advertising agency, is upset, but not as upset as her boss, Mr. Oberoi, who thinks she's lying when she says she was up late last night working on ideas for marketing a concert.  
  2. Puja redeems herself by pitching a great idea in the board meeting for a commercial about a car called the D.C. Alfa.  However, the senior executives knock her idea and condescend to her, which discourages her.  She's seriously thinking of quitting, though Maggie tries to talk her out of it.

  3. The boss summons Puja.  She's requested three days off to attend her friend Kavita's wedding, and he's displeased because she's always taking days off.  However, he grants her request because he really liked her idea for the car commerical.     

  4. Puja's mom hopes she'll find a nice boy at the wedding.  Puja doesn't think she will, since Agra is provincial and her ideal man wears Armani suits and is foreign-educated.

  5. (SONG: AGRA MEIN HAI MASHOOR)  Introduction to Kabir (Abhishek Bacchan).  
  6. At one of the many events for the upcoming wedding, Puja is trailed around by a love-struck cameraman named Kabir.  She's annoyed, and finally confronts him.  

  7. Kabir's boss is upset because the film of the mehndi ceremony doesn't have any footage of the bride.  He tells Kabir he'd better use the next few days to get good footage of Kavita.  Later, Kabir saves a Mumbaiikar from a beating.   

  8. Puja and Kabir fall into a playful relationship.  She teases him unmercifully (SONG: QAYAMAT HO).  

  9. Puja follows the sound of music up to the roof, where Kabir is playing his harmonica.  She's very impressed, and asks for a tape of his music so she can listen to it when she returns to Bombay.  He says there's no need for a tape; she can listen to it in her heart.  

  10. Per wedding tradition, the women have stolen the men's shoes and are holding them hostage.  The women and men meet to bargain over the sum needed to regain the shoes.  Puja demands an outrageous price (5,000 Rs.), and as the men scoff incredulously, she appeals to Kabir.  Dazed, he agrees.   

  11. The bride leaves her parents' house.  (She's supposed to cry; it is a compliment to how well her parents took care of her.)  Kabir is saddened to see her go.  Puja tries to comfort him.  She asks him if he'll invite her to his own wedding.  By now totally in love with her, he replies, "What would my wedding be without you?"

  12. Kabir takes Puja to the Taj Mahal.  She thinks it very beautiful.  (SONG: JO ISHQ KA MATLAB SAMJHEGA)  As they leave, Kabir warns Puja not to look back, explaining that it is commonly believed that if a girl looks back at the Taj Mahal, she'll have to come back one day.  Puja does look back, and Kabir is very happy.

  13. Kabir, knowing that Puja is leaving for Bombay, vows that his love story is not finished - rather, it has only just begun.  He discovers that Puja has left without saying farewell, and hijacks a horse to catch her train.  He manages to give her a package of pictures before the train leaves the station.             

  14.  Puja's back at work.  She shows Maggie the pictures, one of which shows Puja and Kabir seated on the bride and groom's thrones.  (A joke here: Maggie says Kabir looks a little like Amitabh Bacchan, who is the actor's father and an immensely famous actor in his own right.)  The boss comes over and fires Puja for coming in late again.  To save her job, Maggie lies and says she's late because she got engaged while she was in Agra.  To prove it, he shows the boss the picture of Puja and Kabir.  Happy for her, the boss rescinds his decision to terminate her. 

  15. Puja isn't happy with Maggie, but he reassures her that she'll just have to pretend for a little while - until her dream man shows up.  At that moment, dream man walks in - Armani suit, foreign diploma, and everything - his name is Raj and he's the boss's son.  Puja falls instantly in love.

  16. Kabir decides to go to Bombay to find his love.   

  17. Puja and Maggie come up with a great marketing plan for a difficult account, and save Raj's neck.  Immensely grateful, he tells Puja to ask him for anything.  She asks for a dinner date. 

  18. At the Holiday Inn (a very ritzy hotel in India, believe it or not): Raj asks Puja why she didn't tell him she was engaged.  Puja is appalled, and later whines about it to Maggie.  He decides that she must "break" the engagement.       

  19. Mr. Oberoi is taking a large sum out of the bank, and men lie in wait to rob him.  Kabir, who is trying to find Puja's house, asks him for help with directions.  The men attack, stealing both the suitcase and Puja's address.  Oberoi flips out - there's 20 lakh in that suitcase! - and Kabir gives chase.  He manages to get both the address and the suitcase back, but is hurt badly.  His last word before he collapses into unconsciousness is "Puja."  Oberoi looks at the address and realizes that Kabir is Puja's fiance.

  20. Puja, meanwhile, has concocted a way to tell Mr. Oberoi that she's broken the engagement.  Oberoi shows up, and as she launches into her recitation, he drags her off.  Takes her to the hospital, where he proudly reunites her with her fiance, who he thinks is a hero for saving the money.  Puja, seeing Kabir, faints.

  21. Kabir regains consciousness and Puja, for the sake of Mr. Oberoi, must pretend to be his fiance.  Kabir is overjoyed to hear not only that she loves him, but that she also thinks of him as her fiance.  (SONG: TERA JADOO CHAL GAYA)

  22. Puja meets up with Kabir to explain all, and finds out that Kabir's friends, Raful and Shama, have gone to speak with Puja's mom about the match.  She rushes to intercept them, and finds them still in the process of explaining who they are to Kabir (like a mother and father, since they never had children of their own).  She tells them all that Oberoi is throwing a party in Kabir's honor at the Taj Mahal Hotel (really, really ritzy), and they can all talk after they've dressed for the party.  Puja's mother is very confused.  

  23. Puja explains everything to Kabir - that she lied about the engagement to save her job, that she's actually in love with Kabir, etc. - and his heart quietly breaks.  She adds that if they find out the truth now, she'll never be considered an acceptable match for Raj, so she needs Kabir's help.   He must break the engagement.  Kabir offers to go back to Agra, but she says that wouldn't be enough.  Since Oberoi thinks he's a real hero, he'd suspect that Puja was somehow at fault.  Puja tells Kabir that he must prove to Oberoi that he's not worthy of Puja.  Only then will Oberoi countenance the breaking of the betrothal.  Kabir quietly promises to help her.       

  24. The party at the Taj.  (SONG: MUJHE PYAAR KARO)  Kabir, heart-stricken at the sight of Puja and Raj together, goes to leave.  Puja and Raj stop him from leaving.  Later, he is offered a record deal by a music executive named Rajesh (who was motived to do it by Oberoi).  Kabir turns it down, but Rajeshji insists on giving him a business card.   

  25. Raful and Shama are upset over Puja's treatment of Kabir.  Kabir admits to them that Puja cannot love him, but refuses to return to Agra until he's fulfilled his promise to her. 

  26. At a board meeting.  Kabir enters.  Oberoi gives him the number one biscuits on the market, and asks him to try them and then tell the board why he'd buy the biscuits.  Remembering his promise to Puja, Kabir spits the biscuit out and says it's complete crap, not even a dog would eat it.  Puja gasps in "horror" and tells him to control himself - but the owner of the biscuit company is grateful for his honesty, and wants to hire him as his business advisor.  Later, Kabir promises Puja that he'll do something so horrible that Oberoi will break their engagement himself.    

  27. At Oberoi's office.  Oberoi is visited by a slobby bumpkin who wants to make a commercial.  When the bumpkin asks how much it will cost to make a grand commercial, he is appalled to learn that the estimated price is 20 lakh.  Suddenly the bumpkin reveals his true identity: an income tax officer!  Oberoi, who has declared on his tax forms that his profits are 2 lakh, is horrified when he is ordered to open the safe.  But to both his surprise and the tax officer's, the safe is empty.  Oberoi is saved!             

  28. Puja is stunned to learn that Kabir has stolen the contents of Oberoi's safe in order to convince Oberoi that he's not worthy of Puja.  But when Oberoi comes in, he surprises both of them by heartily thanking Kabir from saving him from jail.  Oberoi tells Puja's mother how lucky she is to be getting Kabir as a son-in-law.  Puja's mother is utterly confused.     

  29. Puja explains everything to her mother.  Kabir defends Puja's actions pleads for her mother to help her.  Puja's mother agrees that it is a mother's duty to help her daughter , but wonders who will help Kabir - for she can tell he is madly in love with Puja.

  30. Kabir brings Puja into Raj's office and tells him the truth - that this is all a masquerade and that Puja actually loves Raj.  Raj thinks that's "very cool."   

  31. Kabir decides to take up the offer for a record deal, but asks Rajeshji to give all the profits to Puja so she can make her film and realize her dream.  But Puja, he says, is never to learn the true source of funding.  Rajeshji agrees. 

  32. SONG: AAI CHAND TERI (Interesting touch: Kabir bundles up against arctic temperatures while Puja bares her midriff!)  Kabir is filming a music video.  Puja is impressed by it.  Raj invites them to celebrate. 

  33. Puja appears for their night on the town.  Kabir tells her she looks beautiful, but would look even more so if she were to let her hair down.  She complies.  Raj shows up and tells her she's looking great, but with the gown she's wearing her hair should be worn up.  She puts her hair back up, to Kabir's dismay.  Depressed, Kabir grabs a drink and wanders off.  Meanwhile Puja is assaulted by a drunken lout.  Kabir saves the day, though she stops him from killing her offendor.  He tells her that in Bombay swine like this are understood, but in his city, they're put to death. 

  34. Kabir and Puja are both big-time successes.  (SONG: CHORI CHORI CHUPKE CHUPKE)

  35. The night of the Bollywood Awards.  Rajeshji comes by to congratulate her on her amazing work, and lets slip that Kabir was the one who funded her film out of love for her.  Puja's mother tells her that while she may be fond of Raj, he will never be her true love.  Only Kabir can be that, for he loves her more than anyone else ever could.    

  36. At the pre-party, Kabir behaves horribly, and succeeds in alienating Oberoi to the extent that he declares Kabir unworthy of Priya. 

  37. At the Bollywood Awards.  Puja wins best director - but she accepts the award by saying that though it was her dream until today, she has no right to it.  She admits to Oberoi that she told him lie upon lie, but now she must speak the truth: Kabir did everything for her, and made all her dreams come true.  He disgraced himself in front of everyone for her sake alone, and she only gave him grief.

  38. His promise thus fulfilled, Kabir returns to Agra. 

  39. Shama reviles Puja, but Kabir defends her, saying she did nothing to him except teach him the meaning of love.  Puja appears and asks him for his forgiveness - says she found out today what love really is - and that she has left behind her world, so will he please include her in his, because she can't live without him.  HEA.

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