1. At a party celebrating Rahul's promotion, his fiancee, SANJANA (Kajol), is distraught that she cannot join him on his business trip to India. Their boss convinces Rahul to take her, despite Sanjana's fear of flying and her inherent clumsiness.

  2. Sanjana takes Rahul by the house she's picked out as their future home. Rahul is irritated that she hasn't consulted him, but she explains that, as an orphan, she has long dreamed of owning a house of her own. To that end, she's been saving all the money she makes. Rahul is pleasantly surprised when she mentions her bank balance. Later, however, the plane proves a no-go for her.

  3. Rahul calls Sanjana at the office. Their boss is touched by how much she obviously loves Rahul. Sanjana explains, "Apart from him, I have no one in this world." Aww.

  4. At Sanjana's apartment, her friend Dimple comments on how happy she seems. Sanjana explains that she's closed the deal on the house, and tomorrow she'll make a down payment. But all is not well in the City of Lights: Rahul has not called in four days! Yet voila: the phone rings. Rahul, drunk, tells Sanjana that he has met someone else — Nisha. "She's not a girl, she's magic. I'm not coming back. What I feel for her, I've never felt for you. I'm in love..."

  5. Sanjana makes plans to go get her man in India. Her boss advises her to forget the creep, but she insists on going, and vows to return only with him at her side.

  6. On the plane, a stewardess thinks she recognizes Sanjana as the crazy woman who stopped the flight the other day. Sanjana is saved by the fit pitched by a tall, dark, handsome stranger, SHEKHAR (Ajay Devgan). Shekhar is upset he hasn't been placed in the smoking section. He reluctantly takes the seat next to Sanjana, who promptly informs him that it's her first time flying. She proceeds to freak herself out. Shekhar soothes her: "You think we're going to crash? You wouldn't know it even if we were." Not reassured, Sanjana declares she has no choice but to take the plane: her fiance has been snared by some villainous Indian woman and she's off to save him. Shekhar expresses surprise: "You're okay looking. Sure there's not some other reason he's left you? Maybe, before the wedding, you two got a little..." Sanjana is horrified at the implication that she's that sort of girl. "I've never let him so much as touch me!" "Well, there you go," Shekhar says. "Now I see what kind of girl you are. Beneath those modern clothes, your values are antiquated. What was the poor guy to do if he couldn't even touch you? He went elsewhere. The fault's yours. You'll never get him back." In the course of this fight, the plane takes off; Sanjana is shocked when she realizes she's made it through without becoming hysterical. She asks her seatmate if his intention was to distract her so she wouldn't be frightened. He evades a reply and tells her it is clear she loves Rahul very much: she was willing to overcome her fears for his sake. Sanjana asks if he's been in love. He says he has no time for such useless things as love. And then turbulence hits, sending all the passengers into a panic and revealing Shekhar's true profession (SONG: OOPAR ZAMEEN).

  7. Safely arrived in Mumbai, Shekhar spots his nemesis, Inspector Khan (OM PURI). He stashes the stolen necklace in Sanjana's bag. They agree to share a taxi, but Shekhar is waylaid by Khan, who is determined to repay Shekhar for having once saved his life by making sure Shekhar doesn't do anything that would force Khan to arrest him. Sanjana, and the necklace, disappear in a cab.

  8. At the hotel, the concierge won't connect Sanjana to Rahul's room. He takes her bribe and offers to help her in some other way, which doesn't sit well with her. When she spots Rahul and Nisha together, she faints, and an old friend of Shekhar's, John, steals all her luggage. Shekhar shows up, realizes who has her stuff, and drags her off to find the thief.

  9. John has given Sanjana's cash to the loan sharks and sold her luggage. Shekhar is desperate to find the plant in which he's stashed the necklace; when he does, he ditches Sanjana, who spends a cold lonely night in the rain. Alas for Shekhar, the necklace is gone.

  10. Sanjana calls her boss, who agrees to wire her money for a ticket home. She insists on seeing Rahul again before she leaves. Meanwhile, the lovebirds have decided to take a tropical vacation, and John has spilled the beans about Shekhar's necklace to Inspector Khan.

  11. Sanjana bullies the concierge into revealing Rahul's destination, and takes off. Shekhar catches up through a most improbable method. He tells Sanjana he feels guilty about the hard time she has had, and wants to redeem both himself and India in her eyes. But he doesn't fool her; she is convinced now that he's a thief.

  12. Sanjana gets sick. As a result, they both miss the train. Happily, they happen to be in Shekhar's village, where brothers apparently greet one another in WWF style. Back at the homestead, Shekhar's family is overjoyed at his return; they'd been afraid he would miss his sister Chhutki's engagement ceremony. Chhutki herself is mad that he hasn't answered any of her letters, but he soothes her and then grows teary himself as he realizes she's become an adult and will soon have to leave this household for a husband's.

  13. Much mirth arises from the barber's inadvertant shaving of Shekhar's moustache. Later, as Shekhar and his father argue whose turn it is in a chess game that has been going for a year and a half now, Sanjana settles the issue. Shekhar's father is impressed by the way Shekhar accepts her decision. He tells his son that whether he realizes it or not, he's in love with this girl. Meanwhile, Sanjana discovers Shekhar's motive for theft: his retiring nephew has a hole in his heart, and the family doesn't have enough money for the simple operation that will fix it.

  14. Inspector Khan is hot on Shekhar's trail, having deduced he must have gotten off the train at his family's village. He explains to an underling that he is under pressure from the commissioner, who is under pressure from his wife, who is under pressure from her sister, who lost the necklace in Paris and wants it back very badly. Khan regrets that he'll have to arrest Shekhar in the midst of his highly respectable family.

  15. The engagement ceremony (SONG: AAJ HAI SAGAAI).

  16. Shekhar's dad frets to Sanjana of the impossible burdens placed on Shekhar's shoulders: raising enough money to save both the farm and his nephew. Sanjana joins Shekhar in the fields, where he displays a loving knowledge of the crops where he once worked side by side with his family. She enjoins him to appreciate his family, telling him that she above all knows how precious such love is. All she had was Rahul, and now he's gone too. Shekhar offers his genuine friendship, and promises to help her get Rahul back. In turn, Sanjana asks him how he'd planned on raising the necessary money: "Winning the lottery, maybe?" He replies, "I'd almost won it, but then I lost the ticket." She asks, "Could it be this?" and pulls back her shirt to reveal the missing necklace.

  17. At the hotel Shekhar and Sanjana check into, there's only one room left. Sanjana advises Shekhar to take it. Later, he gives her advice about how to win Rahul back. She must look unaffected, he says: "You should never let the person you're in love know it. Act like you're in love with someone else — with me." He pauses. "You've fallen in love with me. You're not here for Rahul. You've come for me." Sanjana, oblivious to his true meaning, agrees that it's an excellent idea; the act will surely work!

  18. Rahul falls for the bait; he thinks Sanjana has moved on. Nisha is not pleased by her suspicions that he's jealous about Shekhar's attentions to Sanjana. Sanjana is thrilled at this success (SONG: AASHIQ HOON).

  19. At the mall, hot on Rahul and Nisha's trail, Sanjana and Shekhar run into a guy from the plane ride over. He assumes the two are in love. Then, in one of those plot devices that makes you wonder who writes these scripts, thieves take the mall hostage. They announce their intentions to loot the shops. A shoot-out ensues between the thieves and security. Police surround the mall. The last thief standing vows to take out as many people as possible — starting with Sanjana! Her appeal to Rahul for help is ignored, but Shekhar risks his life to save her.

  20. Afterward, Sanjana rails furiously at Shekhar for his foolhardy stunt. "You would have been killed, Shekhar, had that bullet been moving faster than 2 miles per hour!" No, just kidding. She says, "You idiot! How could you do that! If something had happened to you..." Shekhar says, "And if something had happened to you?" She is deeply moved. "You care for me as much as that?" Shekhar is uneasy: "Is it necessary to say every little thing?" Sajana replies, "You're so different than Rahul. Too bad he's not more like you. He barely knows what love is, while you accord such high esteem even to friendship!"

  21. Shekhar flirts with Nisha, and it makes both Rahul and Sanjana jealous. The next day, they set "Sher Singh," the "richest man in town," on Rahul. Rahul escorts him home and is stunned to learn that his sole heir is Sanjana. "But she has no living relatives!" Sher Singh is wounded. He explains that he disowned her mother after she married a poor nobody, but now he regrets it and his only wish is to make it up to her by leaving all his worldly goods to Sanjana. When Rahul mentions that he's staying with Nisha's family, Sher Singh casually mentions that he has a lean on their bungalow and is going to have to auction it. This makes Rahul see things in a different light when he meets Nisha's parents. Nisha is furious with him for being so quiet during dinner. He explains that he's not feeling well. "You haven't been feeling well since Sanjana showed up," she snaps. He gets angry: "Don't drag her into the middle of this!" Nisha's hurt quickly morphs to thoughts of vengeance. She decides to invite Sanjana and Shekhar to her birthday party the next evening.

  22. Sanjana is confused as to why they're invited, but Shekhar has no illusions: he tells her that Nisha has decided it's time to strike back. Sure enough, her friends conspire to make Sanjana feel like dirt. When Nisha's parents call Nisha and Rahul up to the stage to announce their engagement, no one is more suprised than Sanjana — save perhaps Rahul, who was not consulted about this. Sanjana drinks herself into a stupor and tells Shekhar to relax when he tries to get her to leave. "The war's over, Shekhar. Nisha won, and I lost."

  23. While Sanjana packs the next morning, Shekhar asks if she'll be able to live happily without Rahul. "I did it before," she says wearily. "You know why people abuse each other so? Because they live in dreams that never come true. So from today onward, I've decided I won't dream." Shekhar tells her to stop smiling so much: "Your smile makes your tears show more clearly." He tries to encourage her: "You will get Rahul back. It was written on his face yesterday — he had no idea about the engagement. Your goal is so near; don't change your path now. Close your eyes. See the reality that open eyes can't. Look at your dream house. You've bought it and you're dancing with joy in the courtyard. Now see who's standing there. It's your Rahul. Go to him." But Sanjana sees Shekhar standing there instead (SONG: AJNABEE MUJHKO).

  24. Rahul calls to arrange a meeting with Sanjana. At the meeting, he apologizes and begs her to take him back. He says he knows that she was just pretending to love Shekhar in order to make him jealous. Sanjana is completely confused as to why she's not happy about this. She asks herself if she could have fallen in love with Shekhar.

  25. Sanjana tells Shekhar that their plan has succeeded: Rahul wants to return to Paris with her. Shekhar offers her his congratulations. He offers to arrange the tickets. Sanjana asks him, "Why are you suddenly in such a hurry to get rid of me? I've troubled you a lot, haven't I?" Shekhar says, "No, it's not like that. You're going, and I'm going — my sister's getting married — what's there to do if we stay? You've gotten what you wanted. True love always triumphs eventually." (SONG: JAB KISIKI TARAF)

  26. On their last morning together, Shekhar shows her the jewelry store where he'll pawn the necklace. While he goes off to get her ice cream, she is intercepted by Inspector Khan. Khan asks her to get the necklace back to him; otherwise, Shekhar will be arrested.

  27. Sanjana offers to sell the necklace for Shekhar. She argues that as a woman and an NRI, she'll be less of an object of suspicion. Shekhar agrees. Afterward, Sanjana calls her boss and asks him for a favor that surprises him mightily.

  28. Sanjana ditches Rahul for good. "I do love Shekhar, but because of you, I can't tell him so." Rahul pleads with her to reconsider: "I can't live without you!" Exasperated, she tells him that the Sher Singh bit was all a lie: she's as poor as she ever was. He panics as he realizes he may have screwed things up with Nisha to the point of no repair.

  29. In the jewelry store, Sanjana turns over the necklace to Khan and receives the money from her Paris bank account. Khan wonders why she would be willing to turn over all her savings to Shekhar when she'll probably never see him again. Sanjana tells him that her dream was shattered, but she doesn't want Shekhar's dream to suffer the same fate. Outside, she gives the cash to Shekhar and tells him she should go, because Rahul is waiting for her at the airport.

  30. Shekhar wanders the city and glimpses Rahul with Nisha. Before the sight can register, Khan is upon him with the necklace in hand. "You're wondering how I could have this when you got the money for it? That's not money from the sale of the necklace. It's that girl's life savings, from which she wanted to make a little home for herself. You're a bigger thief than I thought — you stole that girl's heart, her peace... She loves you so much. Lucky is the man who finds that sort of love." He lends Shekhar his car to go stop Sanjana from leaving. Cue the stupidest "race to the airport/station/etc." to ever occur in what is, otherwise, a pretty good film. Somehow Shekhar makes it in one piece, and convinces security to let him on the plane, where he and Sanjana are reunited amidst tears, laughter, high drama, and passengers oddly unconcerned about an on-time arrival. "Must you go?" he asks her. She replies, "It took you so long to say only that?" He says, "What can I do? I'm like that." Happy ever after, credits.
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