1. A boat explodes.  (SONG: DHUAN DHUAN) The Indian Army investigates the bomb explosion.  Inayat Khan (SANJAY DUTT), an officer who is stationed in Kashmir, realizes it's a booby trap designed to kill his men.  One of his soldiers, Gurdeep, stands directly atop the trap, and would jump but is unable to swim.  Khan risks his own life to save Gurdeep's .  

  2. At the doctor's.  Dr. Akhtar mentions that Malik-ul-Khan has placed a fatwa on any doctor who treats an Indian Army soldier, condemning them to death.  Khan reassures the doctor, who is a personal friend of his.

  3. For the sin of treating an Indian Army officer, Malik-ul-Khan kills Dr. Akhtar along with his wife and child.  Subsequently, when Khan's son Irfaan takes a fall from a great height, no doctor will treat him for fear of M-u-K's fatwa, and he dies. 

  4. Khan gets word that he can catch Malik-ul-Khan (whom he blames for his son's death) in a certain village called Dalgate.  He prepares to take his revenge.

  5. Altaaf and Sufiya (Sufi) Parvez, two children who live in the peaceful Kashmiri village of Dalgate, get into a quarrel and chase each other into Altaaf's house.  Within, they encounter Malik-ul-Khan, the guest of Altaaf's terrified parents, who were forced into their roles as hosts.  M-u-K tries to tempt Altaaf to play with his gun.  Altaaf, who is far more of an artist than a fledgling warrior, timidly declines.     

  6. Khan's men give the village children firecrackers to hide the noise of their approach.  They raid Altaaf's house, killing his entire family along with Malik-ul-Khan and his crew.  Altaaf himself is saved by sheer accident.

  7. Nilima (Nilu), Khan's wife, debates with him the merits of adopting Altaaf.  Khan is haunted by the innocent lives he took during his revenge on M-u-K, and fears that Altaaf will recognize him as the man who murdered his family.  Nilu, who desperately wishes to be a mother again, convinces Khan that since he was wearing a mask, Altaaf will not recognize him.  She reasons that they will tell Altaaf the truth when he is older and more able to understand.  Khan finally agrees to adopt Altaaf.

  8. Altaaf comes to live with the Khans, and slowly, he is won over by them.  He finally begins to call them "Mother" and "Father."  The Khans are overjoyed by their new son, and Nilu loves him with an unsurpassed devotion.

  9. The first night that the Khans leave Altaaf alone in the house, he discovers the truth of Khan's identity, and temporarily loses his mind.  Thereafter, he disappears from their lives.  

  10. Hilaal (JACKIE SHROFF), a Pathan, is hired by a shady coalition to do some nefarious mission for the sake of Muslims everywhere.  This mission is called "Mission Kashmir."  The coalition promises him unlimited funds with which to realize their goal.  They ask him if there's anything else he needs aside from that.  He tells them that what he really needs is a man who so despises his own existence that he will welcome death when it comes for him.  They are at a loss as to where such a man could be found, but Hilaal already knows one... and his name is Altaaf. 

  11. Altaaf (HRITHIK ROSHAN), now fully grown, crosses the border from Pakistan to India and tricks his way into Khan's presence.  Khan is now the head of the army in Kashmir.  Altaaf's attempt to kill Khan is foiled by Gurdeep.     

  12. Altaaf sees a TV interview in which a beautiful woman confronts IG Khan about his senseless murder of an innocent Kashmiri family eight years ago, in Dalgate.  Arrested by her words, Altaaf leans in to hear her identify herself as Sufiya Parvez.  He is amazed and elated.

  13. Altaaf goes to meet Sufiya.  (SONG: BUMBRO)  She is stunned and thrilled to behold the man she had thought was dead!  He lies about his past, telling her that he was adopted by a police officer who was transferred to Assam.  She tries to read his palm.  He won't let her.  "Why, do you fear your future?"  "No," he replies, "my yesterdays - my hell."  She comforts him, vowing she'll help him return to that happy, innocent time of their youth.

  14. Sufi tries to get Altaaf to share his secrets.  He admits that he can't appreciate the moment, or feel her presence; his family's death still haunts him.  She woos him to enjoy the beauty of the moment with a song (SONG: CHUPKE SE SUUN).

  15. Altaaf and Hilaal plan to kill Khan on his birthday.  They make a decoy map which they will arrange to be found by the Army, so Khan will think he should assemble his men at Chinar Baag.  Hilaal warns Altaaf that during a time of jihaad (holy war), a man cannot be friends with a woman.  Sadiq, another militant, protests when he learns that Altaaf is using a woman who loves him so much.  (We don't yet know how Altaaf is using Sufi - so don't worry, you haven't missed anything!)  Hilaal takes Sadiq outside and kills him, then pretends that Sadiq committed suicide because he realized the army would be hesitant to believe the map was anything but a plant unless they found it on a dead body.  

  16. Altaaf shows up to go to a concert with Sufi, but while she is outside, trying to get his friends admitted to the TV station, he uses her intercom to order his friends admitted to the electrical grid.  He then calls Khan and tells him to be at Shankracharya at 10 AM sharp if he wishes to see some real fireworks.   Khan's forces discover the map, think it is authentic, and take it to Khan just as Altaaf settles down to watch the show with Sufi (SONG: RIND POSH MAAL).

  17. Khan's men scour Chinar Baag, where an arts competiton for kids is underway.  They find nothing.  Altaaf calls Khan and says, "There's a small difference between us.  I don't kill kids.  Look towards Shankracharya.  Happy birthday, Dad!"  As Khan turns to look, the broadcasting tower blows up.    

  18. Khan interrogates Sufi.  He is finally assured of her innocence, and lets her go - though not before telling her exactly what he is to Altaaf.

  19. As Hilaal informs Altaaf that the Prime Minister is visiting the (Srinagar) valley tomorrow, and his chance for assassination is finally here, Sufi comes on the news and broadcasts a picture of Altaaf, advising the public that he is a known terrorist, and bound to be armed and dangerous.  Hilaal, furious that Altaaf's cover has been blown, orders him to cool his heels in the seclusion of Kunjar until the heat is off.  

  20. Altaaf has a dream in which his guilty conscience, in the guise of Sufi, accuses him of killing not for the glory of Islam, but instead to have revenge for the murder of his family.  Later he summons Nilu to his hideout and confesses his whole dilemma.  She tearfully informs him that the true loser in this conflict will be her - for whether he wins, or Khan, either way she will lose someone dear to her.  She also tells him that, in the end, the choice lies in his hands - whether he will save Kashmir, or inflict upon her a dreadful holocaust.

  21. A politician named Deshpande informs Khan that, due to his connections with the terrorist known as Altaaf, and his wife's recent disappearance from the watch of her guards, he cannot be trusted to make the preparations ensuring the Prime Minister's safety.  Khan is outraged, and says, "It's unfortunate for this whole nation that a man who's spent his life dodging bullets for India must prove his loyalty again and again, simply because his name is Inayat Khan (i.e., Muslim) rather than Deshpande (i.e., Hindu)."  He refuses to abdicate his responsibility as Inspector General to ensure the PM's safety.

  22. Khan confronts Nilu, demanding to know where she went when she dodged her guards.  She says, "If you already know, then why do you ask?"  They have a terrible fight.  He is outraged at her sympathy for Altaaf.  He demands to know, "Why did you go?"  "Because I'm his mother," she finally admits.  "And what am I to you, then?"  "My husband." "And do you know what a husband's honor is?  Blood will be spilled... mine or Altaaf's... whose do you want it to be?  Your son's, or your husband's?"  She is shocked and appalled. 

  23. Altaaf visits Sufi to let her know he is "leaving" Kashmir for good (he knows that when he assassinates the PM, his life will be forfeit).  He asks her if, when the storm is ended, she will ride with him again in a shikhaara (the boat they were in during the song "Chupke Se Suun").  In answer, she returns the earrings he had given her.  He tells her that while he'll never be able to see her again, he will always dream of the moments they shared, the ones they were not able to share.  He asks her to dream with him, if she can (SONG: SOCHO KE JHEELON KA).

  24. Khan's forces prepare for the PM's visit.  Altaaf tells Khan he's going to kill him.  He arranges for Khan's briefcase to be switched for one carrying a bomb, never guessing that today, for the first time in 15 years, Khan plans to go home for lunch.  Khan heads home, filled with plans to make up with Nilu, which is not nearly as easy as he'd assumed it would be (SONG: MAAF KARO).  Nilu rejects his apology, but begins to weaken - just as the bomb explodes and kills her.

  25. The soldiers catch the man who planted the bomb, and Khan kills him and his partner outright before extracting information from the third terrorist about where he might find Altaaf.  His forces clean out the terrorist camp and find a stash of mysterious video tapes, the meaning of which they cannot understand. Khan gives them to Sufi to analyze.  

  26. Hilaal gives Altaaf a pep talk about blowing up the PM's helicopter.  Meanwhile, Khan arranges a fire at the jail so it looks like all the criminals escape by accident.  He then has the escaped terrorist tailed.  The man leads them to Hilaal, but it is too late - Hilaal has already set the final plan in action, and Altaaf is nowhere to be found.  Hilaal is unmoved by threats, telling Khan that in 1987, the Russians nearly severed his throat, and he held his head upright with his hands for four days and still wouldn't tell them anything.  Sufi shows up to reveal the meaning of the tapes (which she has finally pieced together), and Khan despairs - there is no hope!  Kashmir is lost!  Then, suddenly, he conceives of a plan.  He will place his life in Hilaal's hands, convincing Hilaal that he hates Altaaf more than he loves Kashmir, and that killing Altaaf is all that matters to him.  Hilaal believes Khan's act because hate is all he understands, and agrees to take Khan to Altaaf in exchange for his own life.

  27. Hilaal ties up Khan and goes to Altaaf, gifting him with Khan's pistol.  He bids Altaaf to finish his personal mission.  Altaaf is amazed.  He goes down to kill Khan, but during their struggle, Khan convinces him that Hilaal has been lying to him.  Mission Kashmir isn't about killing the PM.  The mission seeks to bomb both the mosque and the temple at Hazratbal - the same temple where Nilu used to take him to pray - thus inciting a race riot that will spread across the country and destroy all hopes for any sort of peace.  This, Khan tells Altaaf, is why the terrorists wanted to bomb the TV tower - so they could broadcast their own fake film of the incident, thus convincing the general public that both bombings were intentionally done, the first by Hindus and the second by Muslims.  Altaaf finally recovers his sanity and shoots Hilaal.  Together, Khan and Altaaf fight to avert the missiles from their predetermined targets.  Altaaf saves the day, but is greviously, perhaps mortally, wounded.   

  28. Altaaf wakes up on his sickbed from a wonderful dream.  He is flanked by those who love him - Sufi and Khan - and calls Khan 'Abba,' or father.  His soul is at peace, and his family is restored to him.  Happy ever after. 


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