1. The movie opens in a TV studio preparing to film a show. A man who is obviously the host of the show (NASSAR ABDULLA) is conferring with some staffers. One of the staffers informs the host that the General is here. Brigadier General Shekhar Sharma (NASEERUDDIN SHAH) walks in with a group of soldiers and introduces himself to the host. He says he’s in charge of security now. He asks the host if he has any problem with that, and the host responds that he doesn’t. General Sharma deploys his troops to various positions in the studio to stand guard.

  2. The show, “People’s Voice,” begins filming. The subject of the day is “Project Milaap (peace),” and whether or not it’s a good idea. The guest is General Amar Singh Bakshi (KABIR BEDI). Project Milaap, he tells the viewers, is a program to release fifty Pakistani prisoners who inadvertently wandered over the border into India. Even though they were just lost villagers many of them were detained for years. Footage shows on the monitors of sad-eyed rural-looking people in tattered clothing. The host asks General Bakshi if he’s sure the project is such a good idea if Pakistan might not reciprocate. General Bakshi replies that he’s sure that Pakistan will reciprocate and someone has to make the first move. The host asks if he's concerned about terrorists who work against Pakistan, specifically Raghavan.

  3. Up on the balcony, one of the soldiers standing guard is shot from behind. His body falls into the audience below, whose members scatter screaming. Masked gunmen run into the studio and start a firefight with the soldiers. One of the masked men waves a gun in General Bakshi’s face, introducing himself as Raghavan. They argue about Project Milaap’s merits. Meanwhile, a man we see only in silhouette tells General Sharma that he’s going in without backup.

  4. Back in the studio, the masked gunman tells General Bakshi that he knows General Bakshi has a daughter and gives him a manila envelope. General Bakshi pulls out photos and then glares at the gunman, who acts as though he’s going to shoot the general. Major Ram Sharma (SHAH RUKH KHAN) crashes in through the skylights and starts shooting the bad guys. General Sharma joins him, but gets shot. Ram sees General Sharma get shot but chases the masked gunman who was arguing with General Bakshi. He almost gets shot too but the other man is out of bullets. The masked man gets away, and Ram goes back to the studio, where General Sharma gasps that he wants his son. Ram runs to his side.

  5. At General Sharma’s funeral, Ram watches his father receive posthumous military honors. Flashback. As paramedics and, later, doctors work to save the general’s life, he tells Ram that he is not the general's only son. He actually has an estranged wife and another, younger son named Lakshman. He wants their forgiveness and for both sons to perform his last rites together, or else he fears he won’t find peace after death. Ram promises to find his half-brother and the general’s wife.

  6. Back in the present, Ram returns home from the funeral. He asks the family servant where the general’s wife and son live. He says the servant must know where they are. Flashback. Nine-year-old Ram is standing before younger General Sharma. General Sharma reads a letter from Ram’s mother. She is dying and has sent Ram to his father because he has no one else to turn to. Later that night, Mrs. Sharma (KIRRON KHER) packs up her suitcase while the two adults argue. He tells her his affair was just a mistake. She refuses to listen, takes their baby son, and leaves, while Ram and the family servant sit on the swing outside. When General Sharma comes outside and sits on the front porch, Ram walks up to his father and sits next to him.

  7. In the present, General Bakshi and Ram sit in the general’s office. The general tells Ram that he wants Ram to go to Darjeeling to watch after his daughter, Sanjana at her college. He says that they’re not in contact, because he didn’t love her as a child since she wasn’t a boy. Ram asks if they can assign a bodyguard to Sanjana, but the general tells him she’ll run away; she’s done so before. Ram tells the general he can’t accept the assignment just now, but the general says that Ram’s father told him everything. He tells Ram that there’s another student at Sanjana’s college might find of interest: Lakshman Prasad Sharma. Ram agrees to go and asks what class he’ll be teaching. The general tells him that he’ll have to pose as a student because as a teacher he can’t accompany Sanjana everywhere. Ram protests that he can’t do it, but the general persuades him.

  8. As the two men shake hands, the photo of Sanjana (AMRITA RAO) on the table below them turns into live-action Sanjana at college. (SONG: CHALE JAISE HAWAEIN) Sanjana and the other students dance around campus while she sings that she lives according to her own whims. She stops dancing and looks around as she senses someone’s approach. A man whose face is turned away from the camera drives up on a motorcycle.

  9. On a train, where Ram is riding in a crowded apartment, he talks to a young boy sitting opposite. He says he’s never seen his younger brother, but he feels certain he’ll recognize him because they’ll have the same eyes. Cut back to the man on the motorcycle, who removes his sunglasses. Back in the train, Ram tells the now-sleeping boy that he thinks his brother will be like him: shy, studious, disciplined. Back on campus, the man unzips his leather jacket to reveal a Triumph belt buckle. Ram, now standing alone, says that he’s sure he’ll know his little brother, Lakshman. Back on campus, all the students go running to meet motorcycle man, who is clearly Lakshman (ZAYED KHAN). Lakshman dances, singing that he’s a vagabond, but that everyone has acknowledged his appeal.

  10. In one of the college classrooms, a student stands on a stage and announces that today Lakshman, who is known as Lucky, has returned to college after failing thrice times. Apparently his failure is a reason to celebrate. Various students give their testimonials about their interactions with Lucky to the camera. Lucky accepts their adulation and admits that it wasn’t easy to fail so many times. Sanjana asks if he’s proud of himself afterwards. He admits he is and says he can always copy her homework. She stalks away irritated. Percy (RANJIV PANJABI) asks Lucky if Sanjana is Lucky’s girlfriend. Lucky pish-poshes the idea, then encourages Percy to pursue Sanjana. Percy asks him to arm-wrestle him and let Percy win to impress Sanjana.

  11. Outside, Percy and Lucky “wrestle” at a picnic table while Sanjana watches. With his free hand, Lucky pulls out a cigarette and lights up. Sanjana takes the cigarette away. Mini (RAKHI SAWANT) walks up and says hi. Lucky asks where her boyfriend Vivek is. Vivek (PRAVEEN SIROHI) shows up just then and shoves Percy away, taking his spot at the table. He challenges Lucky to arm wrestle. They agree that the loser has to perform a dare and the winner will kiss Mini. As they wrestle, it begins to look like Lucky will win. Sanjana, agitated by the possibility of Lucky kissing Mini, burns Lucky with the still-lit cigarette end so he loses. His dare is to push down the next person who walks through the gate.

  12. The principal (BOMAN IRANI) walks through the gate. He’s confused and asks two students where he was going. They tell him he was going home and he leaves. The next person to walk in is Ram, dressed in bell-bottoms, a buttoned-up shirt and a sweater vest. He asks Lucky for directions to the principal’s office and Lucky pushes him down. Then, Lucky apologizes, saying it was a dare, and tries to help Ram up but Ram refuses his aid. Lucky makes some karate/Three Stooges moves. Sanjana, afraid that Lucky might be insulting a new teacher, runs up and apologizes for him. Ram asks her for directions to the principal’s office, but Lucky interrupts. Ram grabs his hand and the two have a staring contest.

  13. Suddenly, all the students begin scattering left and right. A woman in a sari comes through the gates, loudly complaining about everyone running away from her. Lucky groans, “Mrs. Kakkad!” and tries to run, but Ram holds fast to his hand. Lucky escapes and Mrs. Kakkad (BINDU) introduces herself to Ram. She tells him in English to meet her in the backside when her period is empty. A passing student translates for her: she means meet her in the back of the class when the room is empty. .

  14. In the principal’s office, Ram introduces himself and explains his mission to the principal. The principal calls him by the wrong rank, and Ram corrects him. The principal then continues to call Ram by every rank but the correct one for the duration of the scene. Ram enjoins the principal to Top Secrecy, and they both make “T’s” with their hands at each other, standing for Top Secret. Ram leaves to search for his brother, but has no luck, although he runs into Lucky several more times and has no clue they’re related.

  15. In a classroom, Mr. Rasai (SATISH SHAH) comes in. He spits constantly on everyone as he speaks. He verbally abuses all the students. He greets Ram; Ram stands while replying. The teacher invites Ram to sit and put his feet up. When Ram refuses politely, the teacher insists. Ram looks around for guidance from his fellow students and they urge him to obey, so he does. The teacher reacts with fury. He is about to throw Ram out of class when the principal enters and introduces Ram to everyone. He tells them that Ram had to leave college in the middle of his original educational process due to family responsibilities. He asks who will be Ram’s friend and show him around campus. Due to some finagling on Ram’s part, Sanjana gets the job.

  16. On campus, Ram follows Sanjana everywhere while she tries to avoid him. Finally, she turns to him and says that she likes to pick her own friends. She adds that her friends are special, and he’s not special. At a house surrounded by fallen leaves and stormy weather, a bunch of SUVs pull up. Khan exits and says, “Welcome, Raghavan.” Raghavan (SUNIEL SHETTY) and the other terrorists enter the building carrying their gear.

  17. That night, Ram e-mails the general about his progress while sitting on the balcony of his hotel room. The balcony overlooks several small row houses. Lucky returns home to one of these row houses. Ram hears Lucky’s mother’s voice asks him if he’s fixed the fuse because the electricity is broken. He tells her he will later. She asks him to spread the word that they need a boarder. Lucky leaves again on the back of a friend’s motorcycle.

  18. On campus, Ram tries to find out who Lakshman is at the ID office, but they won’t give him any information. Another student (KUNAL KUMAR), who is never seen in the film without a sweater vest on, offers to hack into the school records to get the information Ram needs. While they’re waiting in the library for the student’s page to load up, outside Vivek and Lucky decide to race because they’re fighting over Mini again. Their finish line is the rooftop of a nearby building. Ram looks out the library window and watches. As Lucky and Vivek run across the rooftop to the flagpole, Lucky stumbles and falls. At the last minute, he grabs hold of a gutter running the length of the rooftop, which bends under his weight. The watching crowd gasps. Ram runs to the rooftop and rescues Lucky. When they make it to the ground, everyone gathers around cheering. Later, someone takes photos of Sanjana, Lucky, Ram, and Percy with a zoom lens.

  19. Raghavan watches the pictures as they’re displayed on large plasma televisions. He’s the masked terrorist from before. He muses on youth while his troops stand around him in ankle-deep water. Raghavan orders Khan to shoot Percy in front of Sanjana to send General Bakshi the message that they’re always watching Sanjana. When Khan hesitates, Raghavan reminds him that war requires sacrifices. Flashback. Standing in uniform in a dusty Indian Army tent, Raghavan turns to hear a soldier report that some Pakistani villagers have accidentally crossed the border. Raghavan goes to the villagers, asks them if they’re Pakistani, and then shoots them all in the head.

  20. Later, at a court-martial, General Sharma asks him why he shot the villagers. Raghavan replies that they were spies. General Sharma asks how he could be sure, then states that India is not in a state of war with Pakistan. Raghavan replies that they’ve been in a state of war since 1947. Khan, in an Indian Army uniform, watches from the back of the courtroom. Sharma tells the judges that Raghavan is mentally ill. Raghavan is dishonorably discharged. Back in the present day, Raghavan tells Khan that it’s taken him ten years to amass an army.

  21. (SONG: MAIN HOON NA) Ram is now in favor with the student body. He’s friends with Lucky, Sanjana, and Percy. The entire campus gets involved in teaching Ram What Not to Wear. In his stylish new duds, he tries to figure out how to grow closer to Lucky. He notices that Sanjana is infatuated with Lucky but can't persuade her to confide in him. Meanwhile, Percy pines for Sanjana while she fails to notice.

  22. At a picnic table, Lucky beats Vivek at arm-wrestling, then challenges Ram. Sanjana indicates through facial expressions that Ram should let Lucky win, so Ram gives in immediately. The students make Ram kneel in the center of the quad and tell him that since he lost he must serenade the first girl who comes through the gate. All the students run and hide. Ram tries to tunelessly sing “Buffalo Soldier,” but before he gets very far a woman wearing a sari approaches.

  23. Ram is instantly struck by the woman’s beauty. Percy excitedly tells the other students that she’s their new chemistry teacher. They all whisper, “Don’t sing, Ram!” The teacher walks by Ram, brushing him with the hem of her clothing, and he falls over. The students sigh in relief but, just as they’re about to leave, Ram gets to his feet, spreads his arms wide, and starts singing (with a playback singer’s voice) “Chand Mera Dil.” The students and the new chemistry teacher (SUSHMITA SEN) stare in disbelief. When Ram gets to a line in the song about moonlight, Percy remembers the teacher’s name is Ms. Chandni (moonlight).

  24. Principal’s office. Ms. Chandni has brought Ram in to complain about his behavior, which she took to be deliberately disrespectful. The principal asks what song he sang, and Ram (along with two random guitar players) begins singing the song (in SRK’s voice). Ms. Chandni orders him to stop it. She says, “So old and still a student. Disgusting!” and stalks away. (In my university we called students over 21 “non- traditional,” but apparently that concept hasn’t really caught hold in Mumbai.) The principal orders Ram to apologize.

  25. Ram finds Ms. Chandni in the staff break room. Before he can apologize, Mr. Rasai steps forward, threatening to throw him out of college for entering the teachers’ sanctum sanctorum. He yells, “You punk!” sending slow-motion spit particles floating through the air towards Ram. Ram does a Matrix-style backbend to avoid getting saliva all over him. He then stands and attempts to apologize to Ms. Chandni, but before he can get too far into it a mini-orchestra appears around him as he begins to sing involuntarily. Clapping both hands over his mouth, Ram runs for it.

  26. At a movie theater, Ram goes to see Sholay with Sanjana, Percy, and Sweater-Vest Wearing Guy whose name I don’t think is ever mentioned. They talk about Ram’s incomprehensible singing around Ms. Chandni. The three younger members of the group go to get snacks while Ram waits in the ticket line. A man in front of Ram hands him a book and barks “Hold this!” as he shoves to the front. Ram turns to keep an eye on Sanjana and notices an ominous black SUV pulling up. The windows roll down, revealing Khan, holding a gun and wearing a headset.

  27. Back in the terrorists’ lair, Raghavan orders Khan and his companions to capture Percy’s shooting on tape. Ram notices the laser dot of Khan’s sight floating on Percy’s head and blocks the bullet with the book he’s holding. He then commandeers a rickshaw and chases after the fleeing SUV. When Khan tries to shoot out the window, somehow his door falls off and Khan is left behind. Ram knocks him out with the butt of his handgun.

  28. The terrorists’ lair. Raghavan watches the video of the failed operation while his men watch shame-faced. He gets angry when one of the men says that Ram is a student. He says that General Bakshi has sent his best. He says that he’ll take care of Ram himself, and it’ll be fun.

  29. In a darkened room, two men beat Khan. Ram enters and tells them to stop. He asks who Raghavan is. Khan says he’s a soldier, Ram says he’s a terrorist. They argue about Milaap. Ram gets ready to leave. He tells Khan he’s lucky they’re not like Khan’s friends because Khan would be dead by now if they were. One of the soldiers outside asks Ram where he’s going. He replies that he has to finish school.

  30. In a classroom, Ms. Chandni asks what the atomic weight of calcium is. While everyone stares blank-faced, Ram fantasizes about her dancing wildly before her chalkboard. When she starts to pull her hair back, Ram asks her to leave it down, then begins involuntarily singing again. She angrily pulls her hair into a ponytail and huffs out of the room. Once out in the hall, she sees her reflection and shakes her hair loose again while Ram watches from behind a potted plant. He follows her down the hallway. (SONG: TUMHE JO MAINE DEKHA) He follows her out to the quad. While he admires her reflection in the bulletin board’s cover glass, Lucky approaches. He warns about falling in love with a teacher, and then complains that the notice he put up about needing a boarder is covered up. Ram is struck by an idea.

  31. In the darkened path outside Lucky’s home, the two men walk toward the house. Ram asks Lucky if he’s sure it’s okay for him to stay. Lucky replies that his mom always wanted a son like Ram. Ram asks about his dad. Lucky tells him that all his friends know he doesn’t talk about his dad. The house is dark. Lucky realizes he forgot to fix the faulty fuse. He sends Ram inside to talk to his mom. Mrs. Sharma makes an offering with the tray that has the lit lamps on it and gives Ram a tika because she thinks he’s Lucky in the dark. The lights come on. Lucky enters and introduces the two. Ram touches her feet; Lucky tells his mother that “he’s just your type.”

  32. In his new room, Ram unpacks his stuff, including his father’s ashes, which he hides as Mrs. Sharma enters. She insists, over his protests, that he eat some of her cooking. She tells him that Lucky told her he doesn’t have a mother. He tells her that he is what he is today because he had a good father. She says that fathers are so important. Ram asks her if Lucky’s father ever came back to get her.

  33. Flashback. General Sharma sits on a couch in the Darjeeling house, asking Mrs. Sharma to come back. He says it’s been seven years and surely she must have forgiven him by now. She says it’s not a question of forgiveness. She refuses to live in the same house as Ram. Lucky listens as she lays down her ultimatum: either Ram leaves, or they stay gone. General Sharma leaves in defeat.

  34. Present day, in class with Mr. Rasai. Mr. Rasai demands last night’s homework assignments, threatening to make anyone who didn’t do it re-do the assignment five times. He demands homework from sleeping Lucky, who fruitlessly tries to steal Sanjana’s folder then pretends to look for the assignment although he clearly didn’t do it. Ram passes him his own copy on the sly. Mr. Rasai catches him and makes Ram kneel in the hallway holding his earlobes. In the hallway, Ms. Chandni passes by. They talk for a moment, then suddenly violinists appear out of nowhere and a voice begins singing “Oh, this boy is nutty as a pie.” Confused by the musical accompaniment to her feelings, Ms. Chandni rushes away.

  35. Sanjana looks for Lucky, who has just entered the library for the first time ever to complete the physics assignment. Just as she walks in, she overhears Lucky tell another student that she’s a Plain Jane, not a worthy candidate for the position of Lucky’s Girlfriend. She backs out unnoticed. Ram finds her crying alone in a concert hall. She confesses that her father never loved her because he wanted a son. She tried to become a boy, and look! She’s succeeded. Now no one even notices she’s a girl. Ram tells her she’s fine just as she is, but perhaps they should remind everyone in the college that she’s the prettiest girl there.

  36. Ms. Chandni opens her front door to see Ram standing, apparently alone. He asks her to make him look exactly like her. When she demands, “What?” he corrects himself, “I mean Sanju.” Sanjana comes out from where she was hiding behind Ram. Ms. Chandni welcomes her in and shuts the door in Ram’s face after telling him, “See you then.” That night, Ram tries to get Lucky to admit he likes Sanjana. Lucky denies it, saying that when he falls in love the whole campus will hear violins.

  37. The next morning before classes start, the whole student body is shocked to see Sanjana, wearing a salwar kameez with her hair washed for the first time in the film. A crowd of boys follows her across campus. Violins play around Lucky. As Sanjana’s dupatta brushes the stunned Lucky’s face, he falls to his knees. (Song: TUMSE MILKE DIL KA JO HAAL) Sanjana tells Ms. Chandni inside a hallway that “it worked.” Ms. Chandni tells her to thank Ram, who is trying not to appear like he’s eavesdropping nearby.

  38. Lucky approaches Sanjana. She tells him she already knows what he’s going to say: that he feels a sudden attraction to her. He agrees. She says she feels like she’s cheated him, because tomorrow she’ll go back to her old clothes. She says the difference between Percy and he is that at least Percy didn’t like her because of what she wore. That night, Lucky sulks in front of the TV while channel-surfing. Ram asks him to leave it on a show about the Army. Lucky rants about the army and how his father who was in the Army abandoned him, does some screaming at his disembodied father, and then runs out. Ram asks Mrs. Sharma if she can ever forgive her husband; she replies that it’s too late.

  39. Professor Rasai is kidnapped out of a phone booth by two terrorists. Later, in his classroom, the principal comes in to announce that Professor Rasai isn’t coming back but that he’s sent a replacement. Raghavan, disguised with glasses and a long gray wig, enters. He verbally abuses Lucky, insults Sanjana’s father, and offends basically everyone in the class. In the hall after class, Lucky asks Sanjana to prom. She replies that she’s already going with Percy. Percy watches this exchange, then comes and tells Sanjana that she’s too boring for him to go to prom with her. Also her makeup is bad. He proceeds to suggest that she go with Lucky instead. At this point she sees through his charade. Touched by his sacrifice, Sanjana hugs him and apologizes. She still takes him up on his offer, though.

  40. Ram admits to his friends that he can’t go to prom because he can’t dance. They push play on a tape deck one of them is carrying around, inviting him to show them how he can’t dance. He is awful. Hey, there’s Tabu watching him dance for three seconds! Oh, she’s gone. Lucky, Sanjana, Vivek, Mini, the cheerleaders, Mrs. Kakkad and the principal all teach Ram to dance in time for prom.

  41. On prom night, Lucky, Sanjana, and Percy try to blackmail Ram into asking Ms. Chandni to dance, apparently forgetting Lucky’s earlier warnings against falling for a teacher. Raghavan quietly instructs his terrorists to proceed over a headset. They shoot two guards sitting in an SUV outside. Inside, everyone dances, including Ram and Ms. Chandni. (SONG: GORI GORI) Afterwards, Raghavan makes Ram escort Ms. Chandni to her car. Just as she invites Ram to drive her home, a terrorist in her car waves a gun in her face and takes off in her car with her as a passenger. The two terrorists in the SUV follow. Ram pursues, shooting all the terrorists and rescuing Ms. Chandni.

  42. Raghavan is driving Sanjana and Lucky home. After they drop off Lucky, Ram appears, waving his gun, and hops in back with Sanjana. He tells Raghavan to drive to the girls’ hostel where Sanjana lives. An Army coterie awaits Sanjana there, including her father. General Bakshi tells Sanjana that he sent Ram to protect her. Raghavan pretends to be surprised by the news and drives away. In Ms. Chandni’s house, she cleans Ram’s scratches and cuts while he squirms. After ascertaining that he’s definitely not a student, she kisses him on the corner of his mouth and whispers, “Happy Teacher’s Day.”

  43. The next morning, Ram visits the principal’s office, where Raghavan is also visiting. Raghavan congratulates Ram on his successful mission. The principal asks if Ram’s found Lakshman Prasad Sharma. Later, sitting together on Ms. Chandni’s porch, she tells him that he should admit the truth to Lucky and Mrs. Sharma soon, because if they find out from someone else they’ll feel betrayed. He goes home to do exactly that, but Raghavan’s already beat him to it. Lucky curses and screams. Ram packs up his stuff and gets ready to leave. Mrs. Sharma asks why he did what he did; he replies that he is trying to fulfill his father’s dying wish and leaves. Mrs. Sharma and Lucky are stunned and saddened by the news of General Sharma’s death.

  44. In the college quad, everyone except for Lucky has gathered to say goodbye to Ram. (SONG: MAIN HOON NA [SAD]) Ms. Chandni accompanies him to the railway station, but stays behind when he boards his train. Ram’s phone rings. He says, “Yes sir? What?” and jumps off the train. Cut to a grainy video of Sanjana staring defiantly at the camera while held by terrorists. Raghavan turns the camera to talk directly to General Bakshi, telling him that if he doesn’t stop Project Milaap and also release Khan then everyone in St. Paul’s will die. He pans the video camera to show the entire student body and the teachers sitting in the concert hall under guard.

  45. General Bakshi tells Raghavan that Pakistan has agreed to reciprocate Project Milaap by releasing Indian prisoners. Raghavan doesn’t care. Ram tells General Bakshi not to stop the project because he’ll take care of the hostages. Mrs. Sharma listens from an adjacent room. She follows Ram outside and tells him she wants both of her sons to come back safe.

  46. Ram arrives at the school in handcuffs accompanied by Khan. Ram and Raghavan get into an argument over Project Milaap. Khan gets agitated and screams for Ram to shut up, then shoots him twice over Raghavan’s objections. Everyone from the college screams. Later, Khan drags Ram’s “body” out to the quad, then unlocks his cuffs. Ram sits up and thanks him—hey! He was wearing a bulletproof vest!

  47. Ram goes in and singlehandedly releases the students and teachers from their hostage situation. As they flee, Raghavan discovers that his guards are dead and comes over to investigate. He discovers Khan’s treachery and kills him. Ram and Raghavan have a drawn-out fight juxtaposed against cuts to a sun-drenched view of the India/Pakistan border as prisoners are released from each side and run to their relatives. They fight on the roof and then Ram starts to walk away while Lucky approaches. He’s hanging from the open door of an Army helicopter that’s flying toward the combatants. Raghavan realizes that Ram pulled the pin from a grenade that is hanging from his own vest. Ram dives for the helicopter and makes it (barely) while the roof explodes, killing Raghavan. Lucky and Ram hug each other and yell triumphantly in the helicopter.

  48. Lucky and Ram dump General Sharma’s ashes into a river while Mrs. Sharma, dressed in white, watches from the riverbank. Back at the school, students in graduation caps and gowns cheer while Lucky and Ram accept their diplomas. Ms. Chandni and Mrs. Sharma applaud from the audience. End credits. (SONG: YE FIZAEIN) All the cast and crew except Naseer Shah and Suniel Shetty come out to wave at the camera and point at brightly decorated things with their real names on it. "To dil diiwaane hai.n..." Happily ever after.


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