1. The family has a cricket match. Aunt Bhagavanti is hurt by a stray ball. She's upset; she hates cricket. She's in a tizzy because she's brought a proposal for Rajesh, the older brother of Prem (SALMAN KHAN). The girl she proposes to be his wife is Sweetie, her niece, the older sister of Rita (the pitcher in the cricket game). When it's pointed out that Sweetie flunked out of college and has already broken two engagements, Bhagavanti grows zealous in her defense, pointing out how very wealthy her brother's family is and what a wonderful dowry Sweetie would bring. After she leaves, though, the family agrees they don't want some spoiled, wealthy princess - they want a simple, sweet, good-natured daughter-in-law who will preserve the tranquility of the house.

  2. Prem and Rajesh, orphaned at an early age, have been raised by their uncles. Uncle Kailashnath, in particular, has done everything for them, even sacrificing marriage and a family of his own in order to build a fortune for his nephews. His efforts are paying off; Rajesh is a highly respected businessman, and Prem has just finished at the top of his MBA class. Now an uncle has found another prospect for Rajesh, Pooja Choudhary, and surprisingly, Kailashnath knows this girl's father; they were great friends in college. However, there's a problem. Rajesh refuses to countenance talk of his marriage, so how will he ever agree to meet Pooja? When Prem learns that the Choudharys have gone on pilgrimage to Ramtekri for the week, he has an idea: they, too, will go to Ramtekri, where they can arrange an "accidental" meeting between Rajesh and Pooja.

  3. Ramtekri. Prof. Choudhary is fixing a dish in secret that will tempt his wife to break her fast. Pooja warns him that if he's discovered, Mom will be really angry. The Professor nearly learns the truth of this first-hand.

  4. Nisha helps the manager of the lodge to total his accounts. While he's gone, she can't help but don his accoutrements. When Prem shows up asking her father's whereabouts, she assumes he's a loafing student come to curry favor at exam time, and scolds him harshly.

  5. Kailashnath and the Professor meet. The Professor is thrilled at the idea of their children getting married. Rajesh meets the family. He is especially impressed by Pooja's paintings, since he paints a little himself. Later, he agrees to marry Pooja. The engagement ceremony commences. SONG: WAH WAH RAMJI.

  6. The doctor, a family friend of the Kailashnaths', is very upset that they've chosen a bride without consulting him, but a glimpse of her photo soothes him. It moves him to compose a ghazal. Meanwhile, the doctor's wife, a doctor herself, teased Prem that it's now time to find him a bride. Rita overhears and resolves to snare him.

  7. Rita determines that she will make sweets to impress Prem. Unfortunately, she grabs salt instead of sugar, and Lallu and Chameli, the servants she's been abusing, don't feel compelled to reveal her mistake. Later, when Aunt Bhagavanti shows up complaining about Rajesh's match and boasting that he'd have gotten a much better dowry from her own niece, the servants encourage her to try Rita's snack - with the predictable results.

  8. The Choudharys pay a visit (minus Pooja, because tradition says a bride should never have visited her groom's house before the wedding day). Nisha meets and charms Lallu and Chameli. Prem shows her Rajesh's paintings, and Nisha gives him the gift that Pooja has sent along. Later, the Professor reveals that Kailashnath used to have a crush on his wife, and proposes that he sing an ode to her. After much encouragement, Kailshnath finally agrees. SONG: AAJ HAMARE DIL MEIN

  9. The wedding. Pranks ensue as the girls try to steal the men's shoes and hold them hostage for money. In one attempt, one of the little girls distracts Prem on the phone, claiming to be Suman, the girl he fell in love with in his previous birth. Prem jovially asks her how Nisha looks for this one. Unfortunately for the girls, the dog is on Prem's side. When the bargaining session finally begins, the girls demand a large amount for the shoes - 1001 rupees - and Prem agrees only if they will return the shoes first. Nisha goes to get them - and discovers that Prem has replaced them with a string of jasmine and a note that says, "A beautiful gift for a beautiful girl." SONG: JOOTE DE DO PAISE LE LO

  10. The marriage is finalized and the newlyweds depart. SONG: BABUL. Prem asks Nisha, in terms of utmost respect, for forgive him if he's done anything wrong. Nisha is smitten.

  11. Bhagawanti's upset when she learns that the family has rejected Pooja's dowry because they find her priceless. Later, the ritual presentation of gifts to the bride. Pooja writes home to tell her family that her in laws are wonderful and she's very happy.

  12. Cricket game. Rajesh enlists Prem to get Pooja to play. She's a natural. SONG: DIKHTANA. Pooja is pregnant.

  13. Preparations underway for god bharaa'ii ceremony (think of it as a non-secular baby shower). When Prem and Pooja call the Choudharys to ask when they're arriving, they are shocked to learn the Choudharys may not be able to come at all. Exams have been postponed, so the Professor must stay in Pune. However, the Professor proposes sending Pooja on her own. Prem offers to pick her up and take her himself.

  14. Nisha's overslept and Prem is coming. Mrs. Choudhary warns Nisha that the time for her own wedding is not so far off, and that her days of chocolate and ice cream are finished. SONG: CHOCOLATE LIME JUICE. Meanwhile, Mrs. C. is not pleased with her husband, considering him responsible for the fact that she will miss her daughter's god bharaaii. He promises to bring her in style when their grandchild is born.

  15. In the car. Nisha wants to know why Prem brought her flowers. He says, "Because we always fight." "Why did you apologize?" "To make an impression. Actually, because I felt bad since you were so sad." Nisha admits that Prem is nothing like she first thought. He wants to know what he's like, then. She says she'll figure that out later, when she has nothing better to do. Prem, in return, gives her chocolate. She asks if this is some special day or something. "Yes," he says, "ti's the first time a girl has sat in the front seat of my seat." SONG: MAUSAM KA JADU.

  16. Prem's uncle is astonished to notice that Nisha and Prem are now friends. Nisha gives Kailashnath the suit her father has had made for him so they can both wear identical clothes when their grandchild is born.

  17. Before the ceremony. The doctor recites a ghazal. Prem is wowed by Nisha's appearance. He asks the doctor to repeat the ghazal as she enters. The guys are glum since males aren't allowed at the god bharaaii ceremony. Kailashnath tells Prem how he used to sneak in, wearing women's clothing, and watch. Thus encouraged, Prem & co. sneak in and get busted - twice. SONG: DIDI TERA DEWAR

  18. Later, Nisha askes Prem if her mockery of him was offensive. He says he likes everything she says and does. She asks him why, if that's true, did he hit her with a slingshot??! She advises him to think twice before hitting other girls with one, because to do so is considered bad manners. He says he has no time to think of hitting other girls with one - just her. "Why?" she asks. "What am I to you?" "Shall I tell you?" he replies.

  19. Rajesh must leave for final talks with the foreign business partners in the company he's establishing for Prem. Prem feels guilty that Rajesh is leaving at this critical point in this wife's pregnancy for his sake. Rajesh tells Pooja of Prem's feelings, and she tells Prem that they all have this dream of the company for him, and anyway, with him around she won't need to worry about anything anyway.

  20. Mr. K's impressed by Nisha's cooking. Rajesh's work is almost done; he'll soon return. Pooja, before retiring, asks Nisha to call and find out how late Prem will be at the office. She calls; he tells her to have Lallu cook something for him. When he does return, he's touched to discover that Nisha has stayed up and made food herself. He asks her why she stayed up for him. She says he has a bad habit of talking too much while he eats. He earnestly apologizes, causing her to add that he has another weakness: believing people's words too quickly. He says, "You're a wonder: when I want to ask you something, you stop me. When I stop, you're remorseful. Now I'll ask you something: What am I to you?" SONG: PEHLA PEHLA PYAR

  21. Pooja has a boy. SONG: DIKHTANA

  22. Rajesh returns. The Choudharys announce they're leaving. Prem is in a panic. The Choudharys agree to stay on a little longer, on one condition: they must have a party.

  23. The party. A game of "musical pillows" ensues, with the loser forced to perform for the group. Rajesh praises Nisha, calling a sister-in-law a "half-wife." Later, Prem makes her sing something original. SONG: MAYE NI MAYE

  24. The Choudharys prepare to leave. Everyone wants a photo with Nisha. Prem will take it. In private, Nisha asks him why he stopped her yesterday. He says, to talk about two things. The first: when the factory starts up, I'll propose marriage. And the second: SONG: MUJHSE JUDA HOKAR.

  25. The factory has started. Prem will take Pooja home for a visit. Pooja wants a sister-in-law; Mr. K. gives her leave to pick a wife for Prem. Prem confesses to her that he's in love with her sister. Pooja calls to give Rajesh the good news, but he's not in. Pooja wants Prem to pin a pledge necklace on Nisha. But Nisha's shy; she won't come down, so Pooja says, let's go get her! SONG: LO CHALI MAIN.

  26. When the phone rings, Pooja, thinking it's Rajesh, runs to get it. Trips and falls down the stairs. Dies.

  27. Everyone is very concerned for the fate of Pooja's son. Rajesh is ailing, and the doctor feels sure it is due to his worry over the baby's motherless fate. He says there is only one cure: for Rajesh to marry again. A mom is needed for the baby. Aunt Bhagawanti suggests to Rajesh that he marry Sweetie - her only condition is that a maid tend to the baby. This provokes huge opposition, and she demands to know what girl would willingly raise another woman's son? She challenges Dr. Choudhary: would you give your daughter to Rajesh?

  28. Later, Rajesh refuses the idea of a step-mother for his baby. Mr. K. agrees: how could they give a piece of their hearts to some strange girl? Rajesh asserts that Pooja's memories are enough for him and the baby. Professor Choudhary sadly disagrees: one day you'll have to marry again. Everyone is here now, loving and tending him, but we won't always be around, and raising a kid is a huge responsibility. A woman will come that will be a true mother to him. And then he adds to Kailashnath: What if Nisha took Pooja's place? She's always talking about this place, and about the baby. Marry her, Rajesh - only a sister can take a Pooja's place. Prem steps aside, shocked, but as someone who knows firsthand what it is like to grow up without a mother's love, he gives his consent.

  29. Nisha misunderstands, thinking that she is to marry Prem, and accepts joyfully.

  30. The marriage is this week. The invitations are printed. A girl reads the invitation aloud to Nisha, who thinks there must be some mistake. When she finally does realize what she's committed herself to, she faints.

  31. Rajesh sends a letter to Nisha, thanking her for what she's about to do but urging her to tell him if there's any doubt in her heart, since nothing is more important than her happiness. Nisha calls Prem, and his acceptance of their duty helps her to resign herself.

  32. Wedding day. Lallu prays to Lord Krishna to prevent this travesty from happening, saying that while Prem has sworn Lallu to secrey and rendered him helpless, God is not... The dog, in the grip of a higher power, takes action.

  33. Nisha writes a letter to Prem: "Pooja crowned the bond of our love with this necklace. She wanted her sister-in-law to wear it. I am returning it." She gives the package to the dog and tells him to take it to Prem. The dog gives the bundle to Rajesh, who reads it and is shocked.

  34. Rajesh confronts Nisha and Prem. He tells Pooja's picture, "Look at what these two were about to do. What answer would I have given you if this step had been taken?" He gives the letter to their parents to read. "Dad, this darling of yours, who always came to me for everything, made me an outsider in this matter. Prem, you did wrong. Mom - after Pooja died, I had only one desire: that the baby shouldn't ever miss his mother. I ask you, Nisha - if you had been the baby's aunt, would your love have been any different? Tell me, Nisha...Silly girl - you were trying to ruin your whole life and happiness..." Kailash tells him not to be angry with them. "They did what they thought was their duty." Rajesh: "Now I'll do my duty - and complete Pooja's dream. It's my fault for not understanding what Pooja tried to tell me before going." To Professor Choudhary, he says: "My one request is that you give Nisha to Prem." Professor Choudhary says: "I have clearly done some good in a past life, to be blessed with such son-in-laws." SONG: DIKHTANA. Happy ever after.


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