1. Graduation.  Inder wants to continue his studies and get an MBA, but his parents are against this idea.  They want him to settle down and take over the family business.  Inder's mom is anxious to see her son married.  The astrologer sees no problem with Inder getting married.  The problem, Inder's dad explains, is Inder himself, who refuses to countenance the idea.  

  2. Indeed, Inder is very angry when he shows up to learn they've been discussing his wedding.  His father lays down the law and tells him he is choosing a bride ASAP.  Inder's mom, distressed by the violence of their fighting, relents and tells her husband to let their son go to business school.  Later, Inder and his father congratulate each other on how smoothly the plan worked. 

  3. Inder's friend Lallan, who will be attending business school with him, is deposited by his father into the care of a madman named Colonel Nair.  Nair hasn't been sane since his wife died twenty years ago, and they had to sedate him to get him to release her corpse.

  4. At the first day of grad school, Inder is instantly smitten with a beautiful stranger.  Later, his friends tease him because he does not even know her name.  (SONG: TARAM PUM TARAM PUM)   

  5. Poonam, Ritu, and Inder's crush Pallavi are being followed by sketchy guys.  To save themselves, they duck into a restaurant and beg Inder's friends to pretend to have been waiting for them.  When the sketchy crew finally moves on, the girls take their leave, but not before Inder returns to the table and sees her.  At his friends' urging, he gives chase.  When he catches up with the girls, they are less than interested.  A police officer stops to ask if they're bothering the girls.  Inder's friends lie and claim Poonam and Ritu as their sisters.  Inder, however, tells the truth - that he's in love with Pallavi.  The policeman asks Pallavi if he's telling the truth.  She says she doesn't know any of them.  He asks her if she knows who he is.  She says, "Yes - you're my brother."     

  6. Inder and friends get thrashed by Pallavi's policeman-brother (Prithvi).  Later Vikram, another of Pallavi's brother, hunts down Inder and starts to thrash him, but Col. Nair saves the day.  The Colonel sends "his" boys to see a doctor.  Dr Singh listens to their tale of woe with great sympathy - until he realizes they are the boys who were bothering his sister Pallavi.  Then, he takes his revenge as well.   

  7. Inder's friends want revenge on Pallavi's brothers. They cook up a plan: Lallan will hide; they'll report him as missing, and the Singh brothers will be implicated in his disappearance.

  8. The Singh brothers congratulate themselves on the day's events.  Prithvi is reprimanded by Vikram for trying to hit Pallavi in his rage.  Suraj is horrified that Prithvi would raise his hand to their sister, and makes him beg her forgiveness.  When this doesn't seem to cheer up Pallavi, the house goes to extremes to make her smile (SONG: JHULA BAHON KA).

  9. The boys find a hide-out for Lallan.  Later, Prithvi is called in and reprimanded for beating up the boys.  Lalla's father, a former Supreme Court judge, blames Prithvi for his son's disappearance.  He threatens to take legal action, and Prithvi's boss tells him that if he doesn't find Lallan within the week, he's fired.  

  10. Prithvi interrogates Inder.  Inder tells him that Lallan died of a brain hemorrhage from the beating - and informs Prithvi that it was Prithvi himself who stashed Lallan's body!  Prithvi changes tactics and tries to woo Lallan's location from Inder by calling a cease-fire and asking him to be friends.  Inder is unmoved.       

  11. Prithvi turns to his brothers for help, telling them everything that has happened.  Suraj tells Prithvi to solve the problem by killing Inder.  Pallavi overhears and is horrified.  

  12. Pallavi is feeling guilty.  She discusses the situation with her friend, confessing that she fears the whole mess is her fault, since it was she who approached Inder & Co. in the first place.  Inder himself appears, and begs Pallavi to forgive him.  "I realize you know nothing about me, but for some reason, I feel as though I've known you for years."  He goes to leave, and Pallavi stops him - begs him to bring Lallan back and then forget the whole thing ever happened.  He says that his friends got beaten on his behalf, so how can he stop them if they want revenge?  But, he adds, he will try to do so simply because she asked.  Forgetting is out of the question, though, because he loves her.      

  13. Inder & Co. go to retrieve Lallan, who balks at emerging before Prithvi has been suspended.  Inder reminds him that he promised to do anything to help win Pallavi.  Reluctantly, Lallan agrees to reveal himself to the police - but adds that if Pallavi is playing games with Inder, his promise is done with.  Inder agrees, adding that if they find out Pallavi is just toying with him, he'll do whatever his friends want him to.

  14.  Prithvi comes home in an excellent mood.  Lallan has shown up at the police station and has even lied and said that Prithvi never touched him.  ("What a coward!" Prithvi adds contemptuously.)  Pallavi is thrilled that Inder has done as she asked, and she promptly submits to daydreams starring none other than - him!  (SONG: BOL SAJNI MORI SAJNI) 

  15. Pallavi runs into Inder and thanks him.  Inder reminds her that, while at home she might be considered a kid, she's actually not a little girl - she can make her own decisions.  He adds, "I said once that I loved you, but you never answered."  Pallavi gets nervous, and demurs: "I don't know anything about this sort of thing."  Inder: "At least say 'yes' if you like me. And if you don't, say 'no.'"  She repeats that she doesn't know anything about this sort of thing, and he says sadly, "So you don't love me."  "What?"  "Then you do."  "When did I say that?  ...I'm leaving."  Inder insists that Pallavi give him an answer.  She promises to do so tomorrow.   

  16. Pallavi's brothers are concerned because she's looked so unhappy during the last few days.  She denies that anything's wrong.  They tell her that all they want is to see her happy.  Later, Pallavi vows to her late father to never make anyone unhappy.  Meanwhile, Inder's friends are upset that, despite all their suffering, no one has anything to show for it.  They've relinquished their chance for revenge, and Inder still hasn't won Pallavi's affections.  

  17. Inder writes to Pallavi, asking her to write him a letter in response if she finds herself unable to answer him verbally.  He delivers the letter himself, and Vikram finds it.  Vikram demands to know if Pallavi invited Inder to their home - she says no.   

  18. In retaliation for his unsolicited visit, the Singh brothers hunt down Inder at the university and attack him.  When fellow students move to aid Inder, the Singhs drive them off by announcing that Inder has been harassing their sister, who came crying to them for help.  Later, Inder denounces this as a lie to his increasingly skeptical friends.  They challenge him, asking him why Pallavi has not replied to his letter - and why, if she's so innocent, she gave the letter to her brothers in the first place.  "She's deceiving you, yaar!" Disheartened, Inder concedes that they're probably right about Pallavi.  They make him promise never to see or think about her again. 

  19. Satish, Inder's father, comes to visit his son.  He's shocked by Inder's bruised and beaten countenance, but Inder refuses to tell him what happened.  Inder tells Satish that once he is healed, he will return home and do whatever his mother wants him to.  Anxious, Satish assures him that "she wants what you want, and so do I.  Please, Inder, study!"       

  20. Inder's friends reproach Pallavi for her fickleness.  Satish encounters Inder's friends and demands to know who beat up his son.  They refuse to tell him, saying they don't know.  He is furious at their reticence.  

  21. Pallavi visits Inder.  Inder tells her he's forgotten the whole mess and doesn't want to talk to her, since he already knows what she's going to say - "that you didn't give the letter to your brothers, that you never even imagined that something like this would happen, and that you want to apologize.  Right?"  "No," she retorts.  Inder: "Then what?"  Pallavi: "I came to say... I like you."  Inder, shocked, says he doesn't believe her.  Pallavi is distraught.  "You must... I'm telling the truth!  I love you!"  Inder, incredulous, retorts, "Well, then when are you taking me home?  Will you say [that you love me] to your brothers too?"  Pallavi concedes, "I might not be able to say it."  Inder replies in disgust, "Then cease this melodrama and go home."  Pallavi hesitates, then confesses, "I thought this would be easier, but our ways are very different... I'm ready to face whatever difficulties may come.  I'll tell my brothers in a few days, when they've calmed down.  They might not agree initially,  but they will sooner or later, for the sake of my happiness... I'm certain of it.  But I'll go if I have no place in your heart any longer."  She waits, and he says nothing.  She leaves.  Inder's friends show up as she exits, shocked to find her there, and are even more shocked to learn that Inder rebuffed her advances.  He explains, "I promised you I wouldn't see her or think of her - so I kept the promise."  Inder's friends rush out after Pallavi and retrieve her, reuniting the lovers at long and happy last.   

  22. Inder waits for Pallavi on a hillside.  Just when his friends have decided she isn't coming, she shows up and they hide.  They're rooting for Inder to kiss her, but Inder and Pallavi are very shy, and, to the friends' disgust, take cover in mediocre small talk about TV, butterflies, and grass.  Exasperted, Inder's friends give them each a sheet of paper and tell them to write each other about everything they can't speak aloud.  (SONG: KISS HUM LIKHENGE)    

  23. Inder and Pallavi's next meeting.  Before they trade letters, each tells the other they've written things only the other will be able to understand.  Inder's friends are disgusted anew to find each one's paper is still blank.  They lay a guilt trip on Inder, bemoaning the fact that they've endured beatings for Inder's love affair, and now he can't behave like a real lover!  They tell him the friendship is over, and then run and hide, congratulating each other on the excellent act - "Now they'll kiss for sure!"  Inder, embarrassed, tells Pallavi, "I think they want me to... touch you."  Pallavi is puzzled: "How?"  Inder: "I could touch your lips."  Pallavi: "Why?"  Inder: "That is... my lips to yours.  They want me to kiss you."  Pallavi, alarmed, exclaims, "Please don't - I'll run!"  Inder gives chase, and his friends join in - and Pallavi's brother Vikram rounds the corner to see a pack of boys hounding Pallavi down the hill.  He goes crazy and tries to kill Inder, and Pallavi intercedes, screaming, "Don't hurt him - I'm his and he's mine!"  Vikram, appalled, tells Pallavi that she is dead to him - he no longer has a sister, and the rest of the Singhs will feel the same once he is done telling them what happened today!  He leaves in a rage, and Pallavi despairs. 

  24.  The rest of the Singhs are equally furious at the news that Pallavi will not come home without Inder.  Pallavi's mother demands to know why her family is crying: "Let her go, let her die!  She doesn't care about you, so why the tears? It's your fault for pampering her so!  ...Burn all her things!  I don't want a daughter like that!"

  25. Colonel Nair tells Inder's friends that the Singhs are up to something, and it's safest to get Pallavi and Inder out of the city.  Meanwhile, the Singhs go to Inder's house looking for the couple, and insult his parents, promising they will hunt down and kill Inder like the dog he is.  After they leave, Satish tells his wife that, if what they say is true, let Inder be killed!  Inder's mom refuses to believe her son could do such a thing.

  26. Inder refuses to countenance running away.  He says he take Pallavi to his house and marry her there.  Satish shows up and tries to drag Inder back home, telling him that it's his mother's job to find him a wife, and the kind of girl she wants for you is nothing like this one.  Inder is horrified by his father's coldness, but he refuses to leave Pallavi.  When Satish's men try to remove Pallavi by force, Inder almost strikes his father - but Pallavi prevents him from doing so.  Inder insists that Pallavi is his love, and he'll take her to meet his mother.  Satish tells Inder that if he truly loves his mother, he'll come home alone - which is the only way she'll have him.  "Come home tonight, alone, or I won't cry even if you do get killed."  He leaves, and Inder's friend Peter (AKA Pinto) asks Inder and Pallavi to come home with him.  "My dad's a poor fisherman and we live in a hut, but he's very brave, and he'll show you what real love is."  

  27. Inder, Pallavi, and friends head to Peter's home (SONG: CHAL KHEVA RE KHEVA). 

  28. Peter's dad, Jojo, sobers up and listens to the situation.  He asks the village if they have any problem with sheltering the kids, and receives a resounding "No problem!"  "Then don't worry," he tells Pallavi and Inder, "because no one can take you from here.  But you have to promise us this: to stay together.  We're poor, but we have our honor."  The two promise to stay together all their lives.  Jojo declares them to be the village's own children from this day onward.     

  29. Pallavi's brothers come to the village and attempt to wrest Pallavi from the village's protection.  Jojo warns them that no one's ever won a fight on this beach, and the villagers cut off the hands of those foolish enough to try.  "Two innocent kids in love came here looking for refuge, and I'll die before they're taken."  He has Inder and Pallavi brought out, and tells the Singhs to touch them - if they dare!  The Singhs resign themselves to defeat.  Suraj tells Pallavi that, from this day onward, she is an untouchable.  "We thought when we saw you that you'd run to us - but we'll never open our hearts to you again."     

  30. Later, on the beach.  Pallavi is very upset.  Inder sympathizes, saying it must have been very hard to see Jojo abuse her brothers in her presence.  He asks if she still thinks that her family will accept them eventually.  She says, "No."  Inder refuses to believe that, adding, "There's only one person who will understand us.  If I beg my mother, she'll relent.  I'm going to her - I'll be back."

  31. At Inder's house.  Satish asks him, "Aren't you ashamed?  The woman you met yesterday means more to you than the woman who gave birth to you!"  Inder is shocked to discover his mother feels the same way - that she is actually the one who decided she would not see Inder until he left Pallavi.  "Why can't you understand?" she pleads.  "This is for your sake!  Beg her forgiveness and send her home!"  Inder, grief-stricken, refuses, explaining, "A son loves his mother more than anyone else in the world.  But Pallavi loves her brothers too, and she abandoned them for love of me.  So how can I leave her?  But if you don't agree, I have no right to stay here."  He leaves.

  32. The village men are worried that the village will be held responsible in a court of law for shielding Pallavi from her legal guardians.  In order to safeguard themselves, they want Inder and Pallavi to get married, after which the courts will be powerless to do anything.  Jojo sends for a marriage registrar.     

  33. The morning of the wedding.  Both Inder and Pallavi are emotional wrecks.  They can't believe this is happening to them.  Pallavi says she would have liked her family with her at her wedding.  Inder agrees that he would have wished for his parents to be there.  Pallavi wonders, "Why are they doing this?  Was our sin so great?  We didn't do anything on purpose - it just happened - won't they forgive us?"  Inder says, "No.  Maybe they love us too much to do that."  Pallavi asks what Inder's mom had to say.  Inder: "She said we're making a disaster."  Pallavi: "She's right.  What could hurt more than being rejected by your own son, who you love most in the world?"  She adds, "Can I ask you something?  ...Should we separate?"  Inder, with a sigh, says, "Yes.  My Pallavi should always be happy... you should never be sad on my account."  They agree to return to their respective homes.  Pallavi makes Inder promise to beg his mother to forgive her.  "Tell her that I've returned her son."       

  34. Pallavi and Inder break the news to Jojo and the village.  Everyone is understandably upset by their defection.  Pallavi appeals to them, asking them if they could do this to their own families.  "Inder loves me and I love him - that's why he's sending me back.  We're sacrificing our love for our families' happiness.  You should support us."  She asks Jojo to give her his blessing and send her home.  Jojo relents, saying it is he  who should beg her forgiveness, adding that both of their parents are blessed to have children like them.

  35. Suraj tells his mother that he's obtained a court order to bring Pallavi home.  Mrs. Singh declares that Pallavi will never again come to this home.  "Send her to an orphanage; this house is closed to her forever."  But even as she ceases to speak, Pallavi shows up.  Pallavi says, "I swear by my father's soul that I'm pure in body and soul - I haven't sinned - please forgive me."  Everyone, even her mother, does so with alacrity, welcoming her back into the fold with tears of joy.  Meanwhile, Inder is having a similarly joyous homecoming.

  36. SONG: JHULA BAHON KA (Part Two).  Pallavi's mother sees through Pallavi's facade of good cheer and realizes how heartbroken she is.  Alarmed, Mrs. Singh tells her sons to arrange a marriage for Pallavi in all haste.  

  37. Inder, too, tells his mother to pick a bride for him.  When she's unable to choose, he refuses to help her.  She turns to Satish for help, asking him if he can help her choose a girl like Pallavi.  Satish declines to do so, explaining that Inder loves Pallavi, and that the only reason Inder came home was because he loves her mother even more.  "If you're really going to help, you must find a girl better than Pallavi, not like Pallavi."

  38. The Singhs have finally picked a groom for Pallavi.  Meanwhile, Inder finds Pallavi's necklace and tells his parents they must return it.  Inder's mom is pleased to finally have an excuse to see Pallavi, the girl who won her son's heart.  They call as a family upon the Singhs, who, after a moment of wariness, accept their congratulations on Pallavi's impending marriage and graciously invite them inside.  

  39. The meeting is incredibly awkward.  Mrs. Singh wants to meet Inder.  He begs her forgiveness, and she thanks him for bringing Pallavi back to her.  The little kids ask Inder if he's come to marry Pallavi.  Inder's mom gets a glimpse of Pallavi, and then they all decide it's time to depart.  Mrs. Singh protests: "You didn't say one word to my daughter!  After you leave she'll break down - I won't be able to endure it - at least give her your blessing!"  Inder's mom tries to comply, but cannot bring herself to do so, demanding, "What blessing should I give?  She's my daughter!  Why won't you give her to me?  I'll take care of her!  Won't you give her to me?"  Mrs. Singh, overjoyed, weepily exclaims, "Take her - and give her to the man she loves."  Pallavi's brothers act shocked, and Mrs. Singh defends herself, saying, "Only a mother can tell these things.  Can't you see how she's crying inside?"  The Singh brothers reply, "But this is what we wanted to say!  They should be together!"  Pallavi and Inder, thus blessed by both families, are shoved out into the wide world as a happily engaged couple.  HEA, credits.


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