1. Amar, an All India Radio reporter, is going to Kashmir to do a special on terrorism and the progress of India, fifty years after Independence was achieved.

  2. Amar meets a beautiful, mysterious girl (Meghna) on the train platform and falls instantly in love-but then she disappears.

  3. Amar meets his boss and pitches his idea to interview the terrorists themselves. She thinks he's crazy and is going to get himself killed.

  4. Amar sees Meghna again-she pretends not to know him, and for a minute he's fooled, but then he realizes it is indeed her. He's overjoyed.

  5. Amar interviews the rebel leaders--or terrorists, depending on how you look at it.

  6. Amar sees Meghna again and follows her to her home, where he tells her he can't explain it, but he knows he's in love with her. Meghna tells him she's married.

  7. Ashamed that he's been chasing a married woman, Amar asks Meghna to meet him so he can apologize. She shows up with three men, who take Amar into the woods and beat him up.

  8. Meghna leaves Srinagar. Amar bribes a post office worker to release the phone numbers she's called from the Post Office, and finds out they're all in Ladakh. He hops a bus to Ladakh in the hopes of finding her.

  9. Amar finds Meghna and follows her onto a bus. When a policeman boards the bus asking for identification cards, she claims she's Amar's wife.

  10. The bus breaks down and the passengers set up camp at a Buddhist monastery high in the Himalayas.

  11. Amar confronts Meghna and demands to know who she is and why she lied to the police. When he shakes her, Meghna has some sort of panic attack.

  12. Amar walks in on Meghna bathing -- intense sexual tension between them.

  13. Amar and Meghna stay up all night talking-they have a connection-they speculate what their children would be like -- Amar asks her to marry him. She says no.

  14. Amar wakes up the next morning to find Meghna has disappeared again. Feeling sickened and betrayed, he returns to his home in Delhi.

  15. We discover Meghna is a member of a Muslim terrorist group. They move to Delhi in order to prepare for an attack at the upcoming Independence Day parade.

  16. Amar meets Preity, the girl his parents want him to marry. During their lunch date, he spies one of the men who beat him up in Srinagar, and gives chase. In the process, he runs smack into a woman and breaks her leg-and ends up losing sight of the man.

  17. The police stop the running man and demand to know what his hurry is. Panicked, the man swallows a cyanide capsule.

  18. The terrorists, realizing the police are onto them, disband and scatter throughout Delhi-Meghna and her friend show up at Amar's during his engagement ceremony. Meghna asks for a job at All India Radio and a place to stay. Amar is unable to refuse her.

  19. The lady with the broken leg sees the picture of the man Amar was chasing in the newspaper. She goes to speak to the police.

  20. The police interview Amar -- they think he's a terrorist -- since they have no evidence, they release him.

  21. Amar searches Meghna's room and discovers a green headband-the same headband the head of the terrorist group in Kashmir was wearing during the interview so long ago.

  22. Amar tracks Meghna down at the parade grounds and confronts her-she shares her story (her parents and family were murdered by the Indian Army; she and her sisters were brutally raped -- this explains her panic attack in 11) and therein admits she's a terrorist. She tries to leave -- Amar physically restrains her -- the police think he's assaulting her and arrest him.

  23. Meghna's "brothers" bail out Amar and take him into the sewer system, where they try to kill him. He manages to escape.

  24. Meghna hands out press passes to the terrorists and they prepare for tomorrow's parade.

  25. Amar goes home. The police, who are waiting there, recapture and interrogate him.

  26. Amar escapes police custody.

  27. Meghna prepares to sacrifice herself as a human bomb.

  28. Amar, exhausted and wounded from his scuffle with the terrorists, staggers through the streets of Delhi, trying to stay awake and avoid the police.

  29. Amar finds Meghna near the parade grounds and realizes she is wearing a bomb. He tries to dissuade her-he says they will leave India together, and go start a new life elsewhere-but she is stalwart. In the ultimate act of loving sacrifice, and against her will, he embraces her and the bomb detonates -- killing them both.


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