1. Anjali (SHILPA SHETTY) is mad at her lover, Dev (SUNIL SHETTY) for hiding from her. In turn, he's mad at her for being late. She explains that she had a problem. He teases that rich princesses don't have problems; only gutter rats like him do. She tells him that her father's arranged her wedding to a very wealthy and eminently acceptable young man. Dev flips out. Finally she admits she's joking, but Dev doesn't think the prank was very funny; he tells her he'd die for her, and that, even if he did, he'd live on in her heartbeat (SONG: TUM DIL KI DHADAKN MEIN).

  2. Anjali wants to meet Dev's mom, and she'll no longer take no for an answer. He finally agrees to let them meet, though he refuses to accompany her. As Anjali ventures into Dev's house, she finds his mom listening to a very sad song about a woman whom the world has betrayed. Turns out that Dev's mom was betrayed by her lover, and ended up giving birth to Dev as a single mother, a sin which the world has never let Dev forget. Dev's mom makes Anjali promise to always stand by Dev and to never leave him alone.

  3. Anjali, who is a daddy's girl, is thrilled to find her father has returned from his business trip. He, in turn, is htrilled to tell her that he's found hte perfect guy for her and has arranged her wedding. Anjali, panicked, tells him she cannot marry this man: she has already promised herself to someone else. Her dad wants to meet this mysterious man.

  4. Anjali meets with Dev, tells him her father wants to meet him, and begs him to behave himself during the meeting, advising him to switch his sandals for something more appropriate..

  5. At the meeting, Dev behaves abominably. He hasn't switched his clothes, and when he sees Anjali's dad staring at his shoes, he makes a point of showing the family the hole in the sole of his sandal. He declares that he has nothing but Anjali, and he has come to ask fo rher. Anjali's father, appalled at his disrespectful demeanor, asks what he would do if Anjali was not given to him. Dev replies coolly that he would snatch her away. Enraged by his insolence, Anjali's father throws Dev out. Anjali promises to meet Dev later.

  6. Anjali takes off with a bag, preparing to elope with Dev. But her father intercepts her, reminding her that when her mother had Anjali, and was informed that she would never be able to have another child, he was the one who reminded her what honor and respect a daughter could give that a son could not. But now, her father tells her, he also remembers what shame a daughter can give, that a son could never do. Anjali is heartbroken. Her father then tells her that if she wishes to destroy the honor and reputation that he has worked his whole life to build, she will have to do so over his own dead body. He offers her the gun he carries, but she cannot do it. She begs his forgiveness, and says she'll do whatever he wants her to, if only he'll lether meet with Dev one last time, so she can keep her promise to rendezvous with him. He reluctantly agrees.

  7. Anjali tells Dev that she can never see him again. He doesn't take it well, promising to destroy the man she's going to marry. She tells him he won't do that if he has any care or consideration for the friendship they have shared. Later, when Dev tells his mother what happened, she has a heart attack and dies.

  8. Anjali is married. (SONG: DULHE KA SEHRA)

  9. Anjali's new family does not prove all sweetness and light. Her brother-in-law complains bitterly about their driver's inclination toward tardiness, though her new husband, Ram (AKSHAYE KUMAR), gently points out that loyalty is far rarer than promptness. Later, she receives a cool reception from her sister-in-law, who is actually, along with the others, Ram's step-relations, though Ram himself declares to his step-sister and step-mother that he worships them.

  10. On the wedding night, Ram soothes Anjali's fears and defiance by assuring her that he won't force any intimacy; he will give them time to get to know each other. When she declares herself to be a fearless, utterly modern, twenty-first century woman, he assures her that they will find some comproimise between her sensibilities and his own "19th century" way. But since sleeping in different rooms would only give pain to his own family, she'll have to trust him.

  11. Ram entices Anjali into the home's prayer room, saying that no one stands outside the house of God. When she says she doesn't believe in God, that humans are just puppets for his amusement, he counsels her that God is like a parent, and cares for humans no matter how ungrateful they may be for Him. She snaps that he'd best not give assureances that aren't true. Amazed at how quickly she gets angry, Ram advises her to take deep breaths and recite God's name whenever she gets angry.

  12. Ram's step family is pset that they only own 25% of the family company. They scheme for a way to obtain a larger percent. Stepmom tries to get Anjali to hand over all her beautiful jewels. Anjali refuses, and Stepmom replies by reminding her that this is her house and she makes the rules. Anjali retorts that she goes by her own rules, thank you very much. When Ram enters, Stepmom makes it appear as though Anjali's been abusing her. Ram tells her to hand over the jewels, since she owes respect to her elders; Anjali refuses, but Ram tells her, before leaving work, that he has faith she'll do the right thing.

  13. Enraged, Anjali packs to leave. A maid stops her by telling her that that's just what the step-family wants her to do. Leads her to a place where Anjali can hear them plotting against Ram. Later, when Ram gets home, ANjali throws his foolishness in his face, telling him that his step-family hates him. He tells her he knows how much they hate him, but it doesn't matter: hatred is won over only by love. He then tells her to go give the jewels to his stepmom, advising her that her honor is no less for showing respect to that woman. Amazed by his goodness, Anjali does so.

  14. As Ram falls in love with his wife, Anjali begins to fall for him, but resists with all her heart. (SONG: DIL NE YEH KAHA).

  15. Ram, upset with Anjali's stubborn attempts to maintain distance between them, takes off for a few days, leaving Anjali alone with her step-family. Bobby, Anjali's brother-in-law, comes on to Anjali and then accuses Anjali of initiating the overture. It is the straw that breaks the camel's back; Ram tells the step-family that he can endure anything but the insinuation that Anjali has any flaw. He throws them out, and Anjali, overwhelmed by his faith in her, falls in love (SONG: NA NA KARTE PYAAR).

  16. The third anniversary of Ram and Anjali's wedding. A guest, Mrs. Malhotra, introduces her own guest from London - Dev.

  17. Dev is throwing a party at Mrs. Malhotra's, and she calls to tell Ram and Anjali that he insists they come. Meanwhile, Dev assures his confidant and business partner, Sheetal Varma (MAHIMA CHOUDHARY), that this will be the greatest party Delhi's seen, and that when Sheetal sees Anjali, she'll understand why Dev had the grit and determination to make himself such a success.

  18. At the party. (SONG: AKSAR IS DUNIYA MEIN)

  19. Anjali meets Dev. He tells her that the only thing that got him through the black times after his mother's death was hte memory of Anjali's voice, but that all the wealth he's accumulated since then is meaningless without her. When she protests that she belongs to someone else, he reminds her that she was forced into the marriage for the status and wealth it would bring her, and that now Dev has all those things, shouldn't she be his? Anjali protests that Ram may not have been her choice, but he is now her lifemate, her very heartbeat, and begs Dev to forget her. He declares that to forget her is impossible, and that she will be his in this lifetime as well as the next. She tells him that she is Ram's not only in this lifetime, but in the next seven, and leaves.

  20. Dev conspires with Ram's step-family. Later, Ram's business partners begin to demand repayment of the loans they have given him for his new undertaking. When Ram explains that he cannot repay the money - that it is tied up in his new business interests - his partners sell the loans to Dev.

  21. Dev steals the company from Ram and places his step-brother in a powerful position. In the face of his step-brother's inciteful taunts, Ram wishes him well and advises him to learn to respect his position..

  22. Ram tells Anjali that he cannot understand why Dev would have such malice for him, but the outcome means that they will be forced to auction their house: they are bankrupt. Dev buys the house.

  23. Ram and Anjali move into their servant's home, which was originally a gift from Ram.

  24. Dev obsesses over Anjali. (SONG: DIL NE YEH KAHA).

  25. Sheetal is shocked by the disrespect Stepmom's kids show to her. She assures Stepmom that no child in London behaves thus. Stepmom waxes nostalgiac as she recounts her other son's respectful behavior - "He never even raises his eyes when talking to me." When Sheetal asks what happened between them, Stepmom replies that he is actually her stepson - an explanation Sheetal ridicules as old-fashioned, explaining that it is the one who raises the child that counts for everything, and that the caregiver is solely responsible for the way their children turn out.

  26. Anjali's dad is shocked to find Dev in his daughter's house. He rebuffs Dev's insolent taunts. Dev vows that one day this man will be his father-in-law. Later, Anjali's dad confronts her about her change in circumstances, offering to help her and her husband. She tells him no; this would irrevocably harm Ram's self-esteem. He asks her if she's told Ram about her history with Dev, and she tells him that Ram must never know. Ram overhears, however, and is horrified; he always thought that Anjali was simply scared of the committment of marriage, never dreaming that she might have been in love with someone else. She assures him that she loves only him - and passes out.

  27. Turns out Anjali is pregnant. Ram assures her that they're in this together. His stepmom shows up to beg forgiveness and seek rapprochement. She says she'll fix everything and will all her property to their unborn child. She and Ram take off to the temple so she can beg God's forgiveness, and Anjali calls Dev to arrange a meeting.

  28. Dev misunderstands Anjali's call and thinks she's finally coming back to him. Since he wants her to find him exactly as she left him that day so long ago, he puts on his old clothes. He is not pleased by Sheetal's amusement at his appearance, and waxes rhapsodic about his love for Anjali (SONG: TUM DIL KI DHADKAN).

  29. Anjali comes and tells Dev that she's pregnant, so she can never again be his. She begs him to leave her and her family to their life together. Dev finally realizes that Anjali is forever lost to him. "I have lost," he says; "he has won." But Ram has appeared, and tells Dev that he is wrong to paint human relationships in only those terms. Ram explains that he cannot hate Dev, not when Dev's dreams have all been shattered by the vagaries of chance, not when Dev's only sin was to love someone. He comforts Dec, saying that while Dev wanted to write his own fate, he could never hope to do so, because only God writes a man's fate. Dev finally recognizes the wisdom of this, saying he cannot fight fate - cannot fight something as vague as the lines on a man's forehead or palm, and that he will destroy himself if he continues to try. He praises Ram for living as "Ram" (A Hindu, human incarnation of god) did, humanely among humans, and castigates himself for trying to live as Dev (the word for God above), godly among humans.

  30. Sheetal calls her father in glee to announce that he should come meet Dev and her at the airport, since Dev is to be her future husband. Her father seems less than thrilled. Sheetal chastens Dev, reminding him to be on his best behavior when he meets her father. Dev, however, doesn't seemed to have learned his lesson here, vowing, as he did before meeting Anjali's father, to see how powerful the enemy is.

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