1. KIRAN (Manisha Koirala) is an unsatisfied classical singer. ROHIT (Aamir Khan), a small-time modern "rock" musician employed by a local hotel, gives a New Year's concert. When Kiran sees him perform, she is as enamored of his singing as he is of her beauty. She asks him to teach her how to sing, and during the course of the lessons, they fall in love. Yet when Rohit asks her to marry him, she hesitates. She explains she is intensely ambitious in regards to her career; she wants to be a singing star. Rohit reminds her that this is his dream as well; "together," he promises, "we will reach our destination." Thus assured, Kiran agrees to take him as her husband.

  2. Alas, Kiran's father disapproves of Rohit's profession; besides, Kiran is already slated to marry someone else. He threatens to disown her if she marries Rohit. This threat infuriates her; she thanks him for helping her to make her decision. She marries Rohit against his wishes.

  3. Kiran finds herself falling into the wifely role, with little time for her musical pursuits. Pregnancy and motherhood further obscure her former passion. She is very dissatisfied with her life.

  4. Rohit comes in one day very excited: he has been invited to a party thrown by Gulbadan Kumar, one of the bigwigs in the music industry. Kiran insists on coming, arranging to leave their child with the neighbor. She asks Rohit to give Kumar a tape she has recorded of her voice, but Rohit spends his time groveling for an audition, and neglects to give her tape to Kumar despite her repeated urgings. They argue over this upon reaching home.

  5. The pattern continues: of him ignoring and belitting her (now non-existent) career. She starts to lose all hope, and grows extremely depressed. When she hits her child (SONU), she has a nervous breakdown. Rohit comes home with great news: he's been given a song to record for a film soundtrack. She announces she's leaving him, and he is both shocked and infuriated. Nothing he says can stop her. She leaves as he begins to rail at her.

  6. Rohit's trials trying to take care of Sonu: he is made late for his first day of recording, and therefore his session is shoved back indefinitely. Other difficulties of parenting are explored. Meanwhile, Kiran gets a part in the chorus of a commercial jingle. Rohit's singing, however, suffers due to the mediocrity of the film score he's been given. Enraged at being condescended to and abused for his lackluster performance, he shows the composers up and quits. Sonu acts up - eats ice cream when Rohit specifically forbids him to - and Rohit must assume the role of disciplinarian. Later he explains to Sonu that Kiran left because he, Rohit, was too self-involved, and never tried to understand her. He tells his son they are now starting a new life together.

  7. Sonu gets a bit over-adventurous at the playground - falls and hurts himself, and has to get stitches.

  8. A man in the film industry sees Kiran in the chorus and wants her for a small part in a film. She flubs the part by ad-libbing, but her unscripted outburst intrigues the director, who decides to replace the current star with her.

  9. Rohit is snubbed by Gulbadan, who was embarrassed by Rohit's previous shenanigan. Broke and desperate, Rohit begs (successfully) to have his old job returned to him.

  10. Kiran's film debuts. She sees Rohit and Sonu in the crowd but doesn't acknowledge them. Rohit, seeing Sonu's distress, explains that Kiran has become like the stars in the sky - beautiful, constantly available for admiration, but too far away to ever reach.

  11. The cola vendor taunts a drunken Rohit, saying he's a third-class Elvis and that Kiran left because he couldn't take care of her. They get into a nasty fight. Later, Kiran waylays him outside Sonu's school but her fans interrupt their conversation.

  12. Rohit is hired to score a new film. Kiran throws Sonu a birthday party, where he finds out that she helped get him the contract for the film. Enraged and humiliated, he tells her that he never wants to see her again.

  13. Sonu receives tons of presents from Kiran. He mentions that she's going to buy him the electric toy car that Rohit had previously promised for his birthday. When Rohit learns of this, he is infuriated, and vows he will get the car for his son. Then he discovers the price : 5000 rupees. When his boss refuses to advance him the money, he tries to forcibly take it, and is caught.

  14. Rohit comes in late, obviously drunk, and apologizes to Sonu for not being able to get the car, saying that this is his first real failure in life - breaking a promise he made to his child. Sonu says he doesn't want the car; all he wants is for his father to stop drinking.

  15. Kiran meets Rohit and tells him she wants Sonu. He refuses. She starts divorce proceedings. Rohit's lawyer warns him that if he tries to fight her custody suit, it will cost 50-60,000 Rs. and since she's a woman and successful (whereas he's unemployed), she'll probably win anyway. Rohit insists on going through with the suit, and the lawyer asks him to bring 20,000 Rs in advance payment to their next meeting.

  16. In order to raise the money, Rohit tries to sell his musical instruments, but they don't fetch enough money. Finally he is forced to sell his songs to Amar Kaushik, one of the composers who so badly abused him previously. Kaushik subsequently wins the Filmfare Award (equiv. to an Oscar) for Best Musical Director for the score he bought from Rohit.

  17. The trial: Rohit agrees to the divorce but not to ceding custody of Sonu. Kiran's lawyers twist the truth so it appears that Rohit is a monster who drove Kiran away from home in a desperate bid to maintain her sanity. Later, Rohit demands to know why his lawyer isn't behaving similarly. The lawyer explains that he can be dishonest and introduce false witnesses so Rohit can keep Sonu, or he can do it honestly. Rohit reluctantly decides that they must do it honestly.

  18. On the stand, the cola vendor says that while he may not always have gotten along with Rohit, he has no doubt that Rohit loves his son very much - enough, even, to sell his songs to Amar Kaushik (this allegation makes everyone laugh, but Kiran knows it's true). Rohit's lawyer then cross-examines Kiran, asking her how long her longest relationship has been (answer: with her parents; twenty-two years). He asks her if it is true that she left her parents because they did not agree with her marrying Rohit. She concedes that yes, that is why she left. He then asks her what her second longest relationship was (answer: Rohit). He then says to her, you left because you thought it wasn't working out. But wasn't it your fault that the marriage failed? It wasn't the both of you - the both of you didn't walk out - it was just YOU who caused it to fail, isn't that right? She looks to Rohit, who shakes his head to indicate that no, that is wrong. But she says "yes," meaning it was only her fault. The lawyer triumphantly concludes, "So who can say that she won't walk out on her child in 2 - 3 years, when she decides that doesn't work?"

  19. It seems as though Rohit is going to win after all - and then Kiran's lawyer brings up Rohit's attempted theft of 5000 Rs. from his employer, and the fact that through Rohit's carelessness, Sonu almost lost an eye (Rohit had told Kiran about the playground accident in these very terms; he is betrayed!). This turns the case in Kiran's favor. She apologizes to Rohit, saying she had no idea the lawyer was going to use that in court, but he refuses to accept the apology. Kiran is awarded custody. Rohit is crushed.

  20. Kiran comes to fetch Sonu - but tells Rohit that she's leaving Sonu here, because this is where he belongs. She apologizes to Rohit, saying she sees now that family relationships are more important than anything else, so Sonu should stay here because it is his home. As she's about to leave, Rohit says: "Kiran, this is your home too." They reunite. Happy ever after, credits.

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