about kaya...


top ten films...

3. Dil Se
4. Devdas
5. Raja Hindustani
6. Monsoon Wedding
7. Dil Chahta Hai
8. Salaam Bombay!
9. 1947: Earth
10. Bombay / Satya /


I’m a non-Indian writer in my 20s who watched my first BW film in early 2002 out of curiosity, didn’t like it, but then got knocked on my fanny by ‘Devdas.’ That put me in a BW fever that I only recently recovered from. Shah Rukh charmed me, but Aamir seduced me. If a BW movie doesn’t have either of those guys, it had better say something interesting about life in India (Bombay, Lajja, etc.).
favorite soundtracks
1. Devdas
2. Dil Se
3. Lagaan
5. Dil Chahta Hai
6. Raja Hindustani

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