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    From a very young age I have always had a fascination with other cultures and ancient times. One school holiday in the summer of 2000 my life became richer, all thanks to one small mistake. I accidentally ended up on B4U music on Sky Digital and recorded several songs just for fun. Over the next few days I played them endlessly, particularly one called I'm The Best featuring India's biggest star, the one and only Shah Rukh Khan. I then watched a little film called Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and the rest they say is history. For two years I kept my obsession a complete secret, as I didn't have a clue what some people would make of a British girl into Hindi music and cinema. Once I eventually let the cat out of the bag, most people were fascinated and demanded to know more. Even one Indian restaurant owner who I know calls me the Bollywood expert, I can outsmart anyone with my knowledge, even some flabbergasted Indians. My passion grows stronger with every passing day, I know learning Hindi and have a dream to work in Bollywood. This cinema and culture has changed my life more than anybody could ever realise and look forward to my passion growing stronger in the future.

- Eve



This filmi ramble was
written by Eve

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