Discovering Bollywood - A Series

The Peculiar Case of Destiny and the Forbidden Dance
Never Skip Class: A Fateful Brush With K3G
How I Discovered Bollywood: SRK as Pied Piper!
Cough Syrup and SRK
Bombay to Texas: Rediscovering Bollywood
Minus the Flying Squirrels
The Happy Circumstances of Filmi Addiction
SRK Stole My Heart

Vivek Smells Good! or, Drama on the Sets of Kisna
Vivek's accident, his phone calls with a mysterious lady love, and some stiff competition from a man in drag -- Kaya, a journalist and BollyWHAT? forum member, vividly describes her experiences as the stunt-double for Antonia Bernath on the sets of Kisna.

I Met Shahrukh Today
Kaya's encounter with King Khan on the sets of a Pepsi commercial.

Notes from the Set of The Rising
Kaya's fascinating, spoiler-free description of Aamir Khan at work on an upcoming film.

A Song No Bollywood Starlet Will Ever Croon
Sick of hearing the same old lyrics about a hero who enters women's dreams and steals away their peace? Bored with heroines constantly promising to hide guys in their eyelashes? Javed, Gulzar and Mehboob, move over -- there's a new set of lyrics in town...

40 Signs That You're a Bollywood Addict
Does your video store owner ask you for film recommendations? Wondering who this "Leonardo" fellow is? If you thought you were alone in your obsession, find out how crowded the boat actually is -- and whether you qualify to board.
Bitten By the Blurb: The DVD Film Synopsis as Comedy Routine
If you thought Govinda was the kitschiest thing about Bollywood, then you haven't been reading the DVD blurbs very closely. BollyWHAT? offers some highlights to get you started.

Did They or Didn't They? A Brief Ramble on Devdas
A close analysis of two songs from Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas (2003) may yield the answer to this tantalizing question: how far did Dev and Paro really go on that riverbank?

Dil Ka Rishta: Fixing the Scales of Justice
Dil Ka Rishta's happy ending left a lot of us feeling ill. Find out what can go wrong when the Bollywood formula is placed in the hands of a moral relativist. (Note: this ramble contains spoilers)

Hollywood FAQs
Forget the Bollywood FAQs! Far harder to find are answers to those burning questions you've got about the strange, kitschy, and quirky cinema of Hollywood.

How to Pronounce Film Titles: the Sure-fire Guide
Or, more truthfully, why there can be no sure-fire guide when it comes to pronouncing transliterations of Hindi -- but some helpful tips nonetheless.

I Khan't Keep Track! A Brief Ramble on Bollywood's Many Khans
Shahrukh, Aamir, Feroze, Suzanne -- they aren't all related, but that doesn't mean that none of them are. Here's a primer to clear up your Khan-fusion.

Married to the Mob: the Bollywood-Mafia Nexus
It might be the only film industry in the world where movie stars are regularly targeted for assassination. A closer look at who, what, when and why.

Masculinity, Bollywood-Ishtyle
Tight pants, see-through shirts, dancing around trees and loving your mother never looked so macho. How do Bollywood heroes make it work?


    The sudden materialization of backup dancers -- the long glance which, all on its own, gives rise to a genuine, lasting love -- the family dog as divine messenger in a last minute deus ex machina -- learning to accept such events isn't easy, especially for a viewer accustomed to realist cinema. But once one charts the landscape of Bollywood, one discovers a world full of other, more pressing puzzles.

  For instance: how is it that heroes who break every taboo of Western masculinity manage to out-oomph the studliest heroes of Hollywood? And how does a cinema that embraces films as morality tales produce the "happy ending" in DIL KA RISHTA?

   If you're a Bollywood fan who likes to parse the logic of Hindi cinema, then this is the place for you. While you're here, browse through our growing collection of reviews, contributed by BollyWHATers with a passion for popular Hindi cinema.

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