"I will not work with Kareina again. Because you either get along with people or you don't. I believe that if you get along with people off screen, you gel with them on screen. I didn't have any interaction with her, so I don't know. I don't think I would like to do a film with Kareina again. Because at the end of the day I want to have fun."
(Filmfare, Dec. 2001 — when Kareena was having issues with the spelling of her name)

Many models have tried to break into the film industry, but few have met with such swift and celebrated success as Bipasha Basu.

    A newcomer to Bollywood, Bipasha's debut role in Ajnabee has won her much praise and a slew of film offers. It has also embroiled her in a controversy surrounding her alleged quarrel with Ajnabee co-star Kareena Kapoor. The two apparently fell out when Bipasha turned to Kareena's wardrobe consultant for advice. Kareena did not appreciate her assistant's "defection" to the opposite camp, and, according to one film magazine, retaliated by calling Bipasha a 'kali bilii' ['black cat' -- an insult regarding the shade of Basu's skin].

   Bipasha is a little sick of the topic: "I'm not denying the tension between Kareena and me. Yet I'm not looking to take her on. Ajnabee is over and done with. I'm fast moving ahead... and I've no desire to trade insults with Kareena or anyone. I hate it when the press puts words in my mouth." (Filmfare, Jan. 2002) Yet at the same time, she tells G Magazine that she won't work with Kareena again. "Thereís too much negativity. Too much has been written about our problem. Itís best for us to avoid one another. I would prefer to work in surroundings where I am comfortable."

   Bipasha's relationship with fellow model and aspiring actor Dino Mora also provides grist for the gossip mill, which is rife with speculation regarding an impending breakup. Often her best friend, Milind Soman, yet another model and aspiring actor, is cited as the cause. "I donít see what the speculation is all about," Bipasha tells G Magazine. "The day I decide not to be with Dino I will say so... Still people insist on linking me to my friends or every guy I am seen or working with. This kind of loose talk really damages personal relationships. I have always acknowledged Dino as my boyfriend. But now I feel it would have helped had I remained quiet about it. I have nothing to hide. I am not ashamed of my life. I am very happy with my boyfriend and everyone I am working with knows it. Dino and I have our ups and downs like any other couple. If a relationship is all smooth, it isnít a relationship. We both are there for each other always. But we have both made a conscious decision to concentrate on our careers for the time being. Magazines insist that Dino and I have split up. Maybe they should ask us too. Every second day, I am linked with a different man. Earlier it was Akshay Kumar, now itís Milind Soman. Milindís my best friend, but I am constantly linked with him."

   In an industry fixated on "gori" [pale-skinned] beauty, Bipasha scoffs at the suggestion that her looks will impede her film career. "There are a lot of dusky girls in the industry today. The fair, light-eyed beauty is the average Indian manís fantasy, but the youngsters love the sultry, sensuous dark-eyed look. Internationally, women like Jennifer Lopez are the rage. I have never encountered any bias due to my complexion. Rather, it has been appreciated."  Actually, in regards to acting, her greatest challenge yet is the dance routines: "Though I love dancing, the choreographed Hindi film numbers are something else. To be honest, I have yet to master the bump and grind routine. Seeing all these actresses do it so well gives me a huge complex." (G Magazine)

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu
born: January 7, 1979
height: 5' 8.5"

2001 Ajnabee*
2002 Aankhen
2002 Chor Machaye Shor
2002 Gunaah
2002 Raaz*
2003 Jism*
2003 Aetbaar
2003 Footpath
2003 Ishq Hai Tumse
2003 Zameen
2004 Madhoshi
2004 Rakht
2004 Rudraksh
* acclaimed performance

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